George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Clooney’s Mammalian Bond

Saturday, December 6th, 2014

George_Clooney_Amal_Alamuddin George Clooney has a list of girlfriends as long as my arm, so why did he give up being a bachelor and get married again after 22 years. I believe it is because he has made a mammialian connection with Amal Alamuddin. I have been studying relationships for more than 50 years and discovered what I call “The Mammialian Way”

I have never interviewed either one but after reading about the couples meeting and how he “strutted” in front of her like other mammals do in pursuit of a mate. If you have studied my work you know that Girl picks Guy. George met his now wife in September of 2013. She refused his number but after getting her email address he proceeded to send her messages trying to win her over. The emails finally did the trick, it sounds like a jane Austin novel.

1411923070_george-clooney-gGeorge Clooney had woman falling at his feet, so why work so hard with Amal. George’s instincts must have told him that she was “The One”. Women have stronger instincts but tend to ignore them more often than men. It does not matter if the man is interested in a woman, if she does not feel the same way a bond will never be started.

“The Mammialian Way” is how all mammals connect in order for Survival of the Species. Thus far what I teach to each gender has a 100% success rate in producing positive results. This is because I did not invent TMW force of nature and it is not my philosophy. Its natures gift to all humans and I was diligent enough as a social scientist and I am honored to be the one who discovered how TMW functions inside each gender and how to apply it in our everyday lives….

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Sunday, March 28th, 2010

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Here is another segment of "Personal Relationship Therapy". A brief synopsis of the story of “Valentines Day Joe” who followed "The Mammalian Way", was able to read her behavior, temporarily shed his phobias, impress his love interest as only an independent man is able to do, in order to have his woman feel truly special,… and then be handsomely rewarded with the best sex of his life,….. and then receive a bonus to boot!

Listen to the 15 minute excerpt from the audio curriculum "The Mammalian Way"(TMW).


Men & Women learn that TMW can be seen as a "silent language for people who engage in relationships and the closest thing to communication via telepathy that humans possess in abundance"…..AND NOT ONLY FOR SEX, LOVE, AND ROMANCE…TMW can be applied to business or even a poker game….Tune in….listen & learn. The book can be acquired at The audios can be acquired by direct contact, "The Mammalian Way" will change your life for the better…More pleasure…Less Pain…I promise..


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Friday, March 26th, 2010

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OK, Big Ben Rothliesberger is the youngest NFL quarterback to win a super bowl. In fact he's has two Super Bowl rings. But amongst 20 year old women, who do you think they are most apt to recognize, Ben Rothliesberger or this other guy?



And this is a perfect example of how "The Mammalian Way" instincts influence human behavior. Rothliesberger has learned a little bit about the swager of an Alpha male. and he is considered so because 1) He's a successful jock and 2) All the other men who surround Ben see him as an Alpha male. These facts and others like it are what lull men into a "Perversions of honor" mind set. Meanwhile, I doubt that any of the women in the Atlanta club the night Ben Rothliesberger was accused of sexual assult (for the second time) by a 20 year old woman knew who he was.

What men do not get yet is the rules that constitute "The Mammalian Way" is not up for debate. It is a law of nature the same as Gravity. The number one rule is…WOMEN PICK MEN FOR SEX…MEN DO NOT PICK WOMEN. And that also goes for who is an alpha male. That is, if she does not see you as an alpha male worthy of sex with her it does not matter who YOU think you are….YOU ain't crap!

On the other hand, if the other guy (Robert Pattinson star of the Twilight Saga) would have walked into the Atlanta club behind Rothliesberger that night I would bet mortgage money that in less than a minute the 20 year old women would have recognized him…In less than five minutes Pattinson would have been surrounded by women like bees to honey.

Ben Rothliesberger has been bitten in the balls twice now because he either does not know or chooses to ignore the powerful influence "The Mammalian Way" instincts have over the social behavior between men & women…especially where sex can become a factor. And just like gravity, if you violate a law of nature you will usually pay the price even if you don't know the law exists. Ben (and millions of men like him) face many issues with women and they desperately need to read my book. In short order it can teach men how to treat women with the dignity they deserve without the risk of women seeing you as a clueless, classless, ass…or a whuss!

And when that happens men do not have to worry about how to meet women. Treat them right and women WILL pick you. That's "The mammalian Way". It's the unwritten communication between men & women…But that's another blog

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Saturday, March 13th, 2010

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In the process of reading their work I discovered the professional sexologists confirm and validate the theory known as, “The Mammalian Way”…. It’s a theory, a book & a curriculum that teaches men and women how to obtain what each of them in the relationship truly desrie from the same relationship especially if you’re the type who “wants it all”… So,

photo courtesy of Ryan McGinley


Sexologist Meredith Chivers



It’s a journey and for Meredith Chivers a sexologist and well respected social scientist, Freud’s question, “What do women want” prevails in her life’s research because within the world of relationship issues where sex can become a factor, Chivers admits she still struggles to make sense of the data she collects with respect to women’s actual responses to sexual stimuli vs how women say they respond.

One report I read about her work seems to indicate Ms Chiver’s data supports the notion that regardless of what women say, and since there is a tendency for women to become wet between the legs whether they view sexual encounters between women & men, men & men, or women & women, that Ms Chiver’s therefore concludes, “all women have homo-sexual tendencies”.

Of course such a ridiculous statement only adds to the confusion about what women want and it does not come from Meredith Chivers or her peers. It’s merely journalists doing what they do best, that is, to report facts completely out of context with the truth.

What Chivers data actually turned up was that women regardless of what they predicted about how they would feel (behave) had a tendency to be aroused (as opposed to desire) by the connections depicted (perceived) between an amalgamation of two people in various visual images that were shown to women participating in Chiver’s study.  

Be that as it may, still, as a professional Social Theorist I can understand the confusion journalists, sexologists, and plenty of other social scientists have with regard to what Ms Chivers along with a number of her colleagues have discovered. That is, women can be physiologically aroused by any number of stimuli (not just sexual) where a connection between two people seems to convey some sense of warmth (security) that reaches deep down into a woman’s physiological self and touches her insatiable need for safety.

However, such an arousal does not necessarily point to her true desire, let alone her true sexual desire. (such as homo sexual tendencies despite saying she is straight)

The story I read about Chiver's study was also used as a basis for the Daniel Bergner article I found in the New York Times magazine, where Bergner is a contributing writer.

Meanwhile, Chivers uses a device called a plethysmograph that attaches to the genitals and measures men’s erection and blood flow as well as a device that measures a woman’s secretions and blood flow. Chivers collects the data and then weighs the actual responses of the participants, against the subjective opinions from the same people who type their response on a key pad. The stimuli used to induce responses are various visuals of sexual content.

The overall results of the study:

For men, the results were painfully (and for me & my research as well) predictably standard. Men’s minds were in agreement with their genitals. Men actually got an erection when they typed that they got an erection on the keypad (subjective).

However, with the women, “mind and genitals seemed scarcely to belong to the same person. The readings from the plethysmograph and the keypad weren’t in much accord”. In other words the women reported (subjectively) less excitement than their vaginas indicated;

To which I say No kidding. No offense to my colleagues or the journalists but anyone who has even a modicum of understanding of my theory and book titled, “The mammalian Way” could tell you the responses that were recorded in the study are the typical responses to expect from each gender to produce, so long as we live in an imperfectly safe world. (See the book, “The mammalian Way” for further explanation)

Accordingly, it’s also nice to see that the academic world’s findings also hold the tenets of my theory to be true and accurate. Meanwhile, the Daniel Bergner interview of Meredith Chivers and others in her league such as Lisa Diamond, have once again validated much of my theory and frankly I am glad because it also gives me a number of recent studies to refer my readers to as a cross reference for further understanding of how “The Mammalian Way” operates and exercises great influence over even moment to moment decisions humans make in dealing with daily relationship issues, especially where sex can become a factor.

Out of sheer professional interest I suggest the following consideration with great respect for the challenges my colleagues face. The issue Chivers et. al. seem to face is,…While in the process of comparing arousal & desire in order to obtain predictable patterns of behavior, they all seem to have thus far completely failed to factor into their body of work (and studies) the other instinctive factors that often dramatically affect social-sexual behavior in addition to sex or sexual content. There are a number of instinctive needs to consider but the two that can be most volatile for social-sexual behavior are safety for women and honor for men.

Or, to put it plainly, women’s innate need for safety and men’s innate need for honor greatly influence and at times even control sexual arousal and desire in a human being far more often and intensely than do mere visual cues of various types of sexual content. (Reference the book, "The Mammalian Way" for further understanding)


Lisa Diamond bottom line:

Similarly, Sexologist Lisa Diamond conducts studies similar to Chivers. Diamond’s conclusions concur with Chivers for the most part. However, it is interesting to note that during Bergner’s research for his book and the article I found in NY Times magazine that lead me to Chivers, Diamond, et al., at one point in Bergner’s interview with Diamond, in an effort to exemplify the physiological issues that Diamond believes still exist between men and women she showed Bergner “a photograph of two control panels, one representing the workings of male desire, the second, female, the first with only a simple on-off switch, the second with countless knobs”. If either of Chivers. Diamond, Bergner or the others of the group of professionals,  were to read my theory chronicled in the book, “The Mammalian Way” where I describe men’s sex drive as, “SWITHED ON WHEN THEY WAKE AND AT FULL INTENSITY AND THEN OFF AGAIN WHEN MEN ARE ASLEEP (MAYBE)”, they could see there is no in between for men’s innate sex drive and this fact is the major reason why men are able to consistently view women as sex objects first and remain focused on behavior that is predictably the same during the studies conducted by Chivers, et al.

As for women’s “countless knobs” attached to their sex drive my theory sets forth that, “UNLIKE MEN, WOMEN ARE ABLE TO DIAL DOWN THE INTENSITY OF THEIR SEX DRIVE OR DIAL IT UP TO FULL INTENSITY OR PLACE IT ANYWHERE IN BETWEEN, AND KEEP IT AT HER OWN DESIRED INTENSITY INDEFINITELY”. This fact I also theorize is because just like other female mammals, Women instinctively pick men for sex men do not pick women and this inequality alone could therefore make it necessary for the genders to possess the precise sex drives they do, calibrated such the way they have been described in the Chivers, Diamond, et al. studies (as prime examples) that humans receive as part of a gender specific package of instincts given them at birth.

This I realize places "The Mammalian Way" theory squarely in the face of decades of accepted presumptions in the social sciences, one of which is that men and women's sex drives are basically the same. That notion could not be further from the truth. 

Meanwhile, since women instinctively pick men for sex, a woman only needs to dial the intensity of her sex drive up when she is ready for sex, and men must have their sex drive on at full intensity all of the time when they are awake because they need to be ready for when they are signaled that she’s ready for sex. This is but one example of how “The Mammalian Way” instincts actually operate within the human species.

And once again my findings have been validated by the works of several colleagues’ third party study conclusions.

Conclusions that until my theory hit the streets are/were somewhat of an enigma for many social scientists, psychiatrists, etc. And this includes the late Sigmund Freud. My theory provides the world of social science with a more complete paradigm of “behavioral psychology-sociology” that helps to provide better care and understanding of our physiological and psychological selves such as, "What Women Want"! But that’s another blog…….

The importance of why you need to know the tenets of "The Mammalian Way" is embodied in the theory, the book, and curriculum by the same name. Learn to have more control over yourself & your relationships and achieve much more pleasure and far less pain in your quality of life. That's a given… Best to you…..Gary James…..

I do not encourage comments or questions on this blog. However, if you wish to contact me direct, you can email me at I am the only one who reads mail sent to that location so privacy and your anonymity is far less an issue.


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Thursday, February 25th, 2010

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….Tiger Woods is a phenomenon. And he is about to become a “larger than life” persona of what it means to be a man of means. Meanwhile, it’s the women who would love to see Tiger’s testicles tied to a golf Tee…..


And then, on top of the scuttle butt, Tiger Woods decided to display a vulgar use of his power by standing in front of a camera to make a national apology. Apologize to whom?

His sponsors? It’s not necessary. Tiger’s sponsors know very well that the sport where he’s a super star appeals mostly to men and in case you’re wondering, men could give a flying “fc’k” that Tiger Woods has relationship issues because he has had sex with 20 plus girlfriends despite the fact he also has a wife and kids.

The fact is, Tiger’s sponsors and the men who follow golf simply want his a@@ back on the course because he’s the best thing to happen to the game of golf since they invented the 19th hole. And as soon as he gets back on the course and gets through the media frenzy that will be a part of the show everyone (which includes his detractors) will see for themselves, Tiger Woods is a phenomenon. And relationship issues or not, he is about to become a “larger than life” persona of what it means to be a man of means.

Meanwhile, it’s the women who would love to see Tiger’s testicles tied to a golf Tee. And then let every duffer in sight take a swing. However, as for apologizing to the women, the cold reality is, since I seriously doubt anyone can produce an appreciable amount of women who have NOT been cheated on, the women in our culture therefore, know very well that all women can do in a situation like dealing with a Cad is to sue for money….and that’s assuming she has genuine cause to seek remedy. (Having consensual sex with a superstar is not necessarily such a cause).

The only thing that has happened thus far is that Tiger Woods has shown his true stripes, and that’s it….And this includes the fact he has now rammed the point home by standing in front of a TV camera and make spew. Tiger Woods as a man is a “Cad”….a squeaky clean p*@@y hound who got caught with his hand deep inside the honey jar who is also currently in the state of denial about what everybody else seems to know.

However, as for Tiger’s children let’s be thankful they are being protected from the plethora of reports published about “what daddy did”. They seem young enough that barring some other sinister element revealed,… this whole thing will blow over by the time they reach puberty, the age where they could have the capacity to relate to “what daddy did” all on their own.

Elin, on the other hand, was perhaps blindsided by this saga in that Tiger was involved in not just an affair but a juggernaut of self indulgence deliberately perpetrated by Tiger’s own hand… and it would take the power & prowess of someone the caliber of Hugh Hefner to match.

Anyone with the slightest understanding of “how things actually work” on planet earth knows and even expects such behavior from men of power such as a Hugh Hefner or even a Bill Clinton. NO.

What caught Elin off guard is the fact that Tiger was the rare phenomenon who calculatedly was set upon high as an image as though it were priceless. (Anyone who knows good business knows that such an image is usually an illusion and not to be trusted. Whoever put money into Tiger Wood’s career based upon such an illusion and lost money because of his antics with women deserves to have lost money.)

To be fair, that error in judgment is perhaps one of only two real issues I can find to come out of all the reports on Tiger Woods antics with women. The second issue is the fact I doubt that Tiger or any of his close advisors have read my book, “The Mammalian way”.

This is something that if Tiger OR Elin had done as they were growing up or before they got married could have given them the insight into men & women that would have helped them handle Tiger’s monstrous mammalian urges to pervert his honor and to dispense with those perversions on their own terms and without the need to get caught as an adulterer or other such relationships issues…as well as, handle Elin’s extreme sense of insecurity that could account for why all she’s got to show for life with Tiger thus far is a couple kids and a “hole” lot of money.

I do not know Tiger Woods. If you do and could get this blog post in front of him he could surely use the help. I realize what I say here is presumptuous. However, quite a number of people who have already read my book or use my curriculum has mentioned to me, that people like John Edwards, Mark Sanford, Tiger Woods, OR their wives OR mistresses, etc. REALLY, REALLY need to read my book. If so, they would likely not be in the crap pile they ended up in.  But that’s another blog…..

I have written new, original, and useful material for the social sciences. Within that material are answers that can help you in all of your relationships. Remember: You cannot escape “The Mammalian Way”. You deal with it moment to moment everyday of your lives. It doesn’t judge. It can help or hurt you and it is not forgiving when you make errors in judgment especially if you do not know what “The Mammalian Way” means……

I do not encourage comments here. If you wish to contact me direct try  or simply search engine my name.

Gary James – Professional Social Theorist

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Sunday, January 3rd, 2010


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Given all the media hype about Tiger Wood’s love life who did not know that AT&T would drop his sponsorship. For the moment he is simply too hot & too risky to keep around given the way the media snoops into people’s private lives. Who knows what they might uncover next?

Meanwhile, as a relationships author I can tell you that none of what has gone on recently in Tiger’s life surprised me…not even a little bit. Rather, my contention is, it was probably some publicist or other type of Ad person who likely whispered into Tiger’s ear the benefits of the increased value to his stock should he get married, start a family, and become the quintessential “role model” for God knows who that motivated Tiger Woods to get married in the first place.

With that scenario as a likely influence, the overall estimate that Tiger’s love life will cost sports, endorsements, and his self currently sits at about 12 billion dollars. Talk about the ripple effect. But wait a minute, what about the fact he now no longer has to live the lie?

Prior to the news break about his true interest in women, socially speaking, who didn’t think of Tiger as a fortunate dweeb? But for the fact he could make a golf ball sing opera, cook breakfast, or just about anything else he wanted there is no way that Tiger Woods would get near the women he does. From a strict straight sexual male perspective and someone who has written a book* on the subject Tiger gets a resounding “BRAVO!” (*See book titled “The Mammalian Way”) 

Not that I endorse infidelity because I don’t. Socially speaking, the fact is, Tiger had no business being married in the first place. The Bravo part is because he pulled it off for as long as he did. If Tiger would have the physical look of a Brad Pit I doubt the media would have allowed him to get away with the antics he did for nearly as long.

Financially speaking, Tiger needs on his team an advisor who can council his councilors about how to launch the career of a male sports super star where the fact he is a “playa” as an established fact of life. Tiger MUST now drop his image as a family man liaison between the craziness of big time sports & the average folk and pick up the “scepter of suave”. He can still be a role model to God knows who only he’ll have to add kids the caution about getting married before your time or getting married at all if “it’s” not in you.

Whoever he gets to advise him might even begin with getting him dates with women who can trace their lineage into royal blood or heiresses to major fortunes (for example, if someone could negotiate a Tiger Woods – Paris Hilton hook up it would bolster both of their careers straight into the stratosphere league of relationships I call, “The Untouchables”).

I do not know Tiger Woods personally but I do know he needs to read the information I have to share while he is still in sabbatical. But that’s another blog.

As I do not encourage comments here I invite you to email me. I am the only one who reads mail sent there so feel free to speak your mind. OR, if you wish, call me. My phone is always busy so you will probably need to leave a message. I promise to get back with you usually within 24 hours. 412-378-1531 

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Sunday, December 20th, 2009

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Elin Nordegren, Jamie Jungers, Mindy Lawton, Cori Rist, Rachel Uchitel, Kalika Moquin, Jaimee Grubbs, etc., etc……..all picked Tiger as a sex partner. Their behavior toward Tiger Woods are examples of women acting out behavior that is on the purely mammalian side of the “Pendulum Swing Of Insecurity” that all women perpetually ride.

Since I wrote the original theory about human instinctive behavior and how it controls our behavior in relationships more than we might think, this, despite the fact we humans also possess a cognitive capacity that is supposed to control our more primal behavior that I refer to as, “The Mammalian Way”, there has been an ever increasing number of issues in people’s relationships, especially celebrity relationships that bear out the tenets of my original theory to the “T”.

For example, a major tenet of my original theory related to how men and women behave instinctively in relationships is the fact that when it comes to relationships, Women Pick Men….. Men do not Pick Women. This is especially true when sex & romance can enter the mix of a relationship’s emotions and social behavior patterns.

Another tenet that most non professionals tend to under estimate is the fact that women innately respond to a man they perceive as powerful in that they are drawn to him. According to the decades long studies I conducted most women admitted that when they are/were in the company of men they perceived as powerful they had a tendency to become “wet between the legs”. In my book titled, “The Mammalian Way” I expound on this tendency to include the fact that a woman’s response to a man’s power is mostly a perception that induces a woman’s more mammalian needs to manifest as a completely soaked vagina and ready for sex as only one example of how her mammalian self innately responds to a man that she’s picked.

Case in point is the ever growing list of women that have picked Tiger Woods for sex. Attention: Do not slight Tiger Woods for what many call a transgression. Tiger Woods was simply up against his own innate mammalian drives akin to most male mammals that typically manifest as an overwhelming urge to spread his seed.

Meanwhile, I doubt that Tiger Woods has ever been taught about the power of the Mammalian Way as it relates to a man’s responsibility toward his as well as “her” set of purely mammalian instincts when in a committed relationship such as marriage. Otherwise, I doubt he would be in the mess he’s in. Still, Tiger’s MAMMALIAN INSTINCTS ARE QUITE NORMAL. It’s the way he acted upon them that is cheap & hurtful.

I maintain that unless a man (or woman) truly knows what they are dealing with in an innate drive that can affect their relationships, when that drive becomes manifest, a man (or woman) are extremely prone to act on that drive regardless of their semantic commitments or other cognitive capacities to the contrary (such as vows) and they will almost always do the wrong thing in the end. And this fact is predicated on the fact we humans live in an ever increasing imperfectly safe environment. (Read “The Mammalian Way” for a clear understanding)

Psychiatrists, psychologists, and other therapists have been the first people to use my theory in their practices. The tenets can be used as therapy after a relationship issue arises or it can also be used as a pre-emptive measure to avoid or abate a crucial situation such as the urge to cheat! Since the question of “why do men or women cheat” is in the top three questions I get asked, it is therefore time for humans earth wide to understand their gender specific innate drives. So read my book.

Bottom Line: When a man has a social posture based on such things as money, fame, and accomplishment, etc., it is easy to set up women desperate for their own identity to fall for him. They’ll pick him if only to satisfy her curiosity. But make no mistake about it she will need to see him as powerful and she must pick him before anything can happen between them (even if he’s the one who approaches her first.) And it’s all in keeping with “The Mammalian Way”. Power is a huge attraction for a woman because it goes to her deep insatiable innate need for security…But that’s another blog.

Since I do not encourage comments on this blog you can contact me via email, I am the only one who reads that mail.

Copyright © Gary James 2009 all rights reserved.

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Monday, November 9th, 2009

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“The more in love we became, the more dangerous we became to each other”.

This sentence spoken on the show 20/20 by Pop Star Rihanna is an accurate summation of what the instinctive behavior known as “The Mammalian Way” can do to you, your relationship, and others, IF & When you do not know that you and others are being massively affected by instinctive behavior patterns over which you have very little direct control. This is especially true if you have no idea that “The Mammalian Way” exists. And so it is for Rihanna and Chris Brown. Their relationship ended because neither of them are aware of how deeply “The Mammalian Way” can influence presumed loving behaior and create issues in a relarionship.

Photo by: Lester Cohen / WireImage

The fact is, everyone who is human must contend with the tenets of “The Mammalian Way” or you can satiate the forces that drive it, especially if your relationship entails an element of sex & romance.

However, you dare not ignore “The Mammalian Way”. Otherwise, you can end up like Rihanna and Chris Brown…..Or worse. For example, Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi. Steve & Sahel’s relationship issues also emanated from “The Mammalian Way” of things but it ended in extreme violence, namely, murder-suicide. SO, the issues between Rihanna and Chris Brown could have been worse.

Rihanna was also quoted as saying “There was no person when I looked at him” during the fight they had where Chris admitted he physically abused Rihanna.

This stands to reason. It is a well documented fact that when men are in love with a woman as beautiful as Rihanna men can get very possessive, very quickly. That is the typical portrayal of the everyday behavior indicative of “The Mammalian Way” (TMW). But when possessive behavior is coupled with fame (for him and/or her) it further ferments both major tenets of my original theory. 1) The male “Perversions of Honor” (POH)* that persist in our culture in men and 2) It further exacerbates a woman’s massive sense of insecurity called “Pendulum Swing of Insecurity” (PSOI)*, a polarized condition that continually resonates between a woman’s cognitive emotion and the primal. Again, when coupled with fame she is liable to seem well under control (cognitive) but is prone to eventually engage in most any type of dangerous and destructive behavior (an aspect of “TMW”) because this behavior feeds the female mammalian instinct to be protected & dominated by the dangerous male.

Frankly, I am reasonably certain this is the precarious position Rihanna now finds herself in. Rihanna is on the brink of self destruction.

Meanwhile, when men feel the affects of “Double Dis”* compounded by the influences that fame brings him in his relationships his primal instinct to have her simply cease the overt behavior to challenge him and to submit to him becomes quite acute.

Since submitting (in our current culture) is unlikely to happen it is best for people in relationships where the mammalian way becomes a factor which is almost always the case where sex can become a factor, it is best for people in relationships to realize what instinctive forces they are dealing with and abate them as much as possible. Prior knowledge of the forces is the key.

This way a couple involved as deeply as Rihanna & Chris Brown were, can more easily and consistently make a resolve then they can go straight to the make up sex. Also, this way, relationships have a better chance of survival without the assault and battery that has become so pervasive in our culture.

(* For further explanation read the book “The Mammalian Way”)

Head your relationship issues “off at the pass” by reading my book “The Mammalian Way”.

Meanwhile, look for more on Rihanna and Chris and other sub similar subjects.

I do not encourage comments on this blog. You can email me at I am the only one who reads that email so feel free to lament.

 Copyright © Gary James 2009 all rights reserved

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Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

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….Boys indeed have their issues with puberty too. However, the girl’s issue with puberty manifests as tremendous insecurity in what seems to be countless forms that never seems to cease until death….

Honey I Love You. You’re Perfect. Now Change! This is the title of a stage play I saw advertised on TV. I have not seen the play but whoever titled it also had at least an intuition into one of the biggest issues women in our culture face, namely, insecurity or rather, low esteem, and how to deal with it.


It’s still considered a phenomenon amongst many social scientists because the fact is regardless of how parents bring up their daughter’s, right around the age of puberty all girl’s self esteem seems to plummet like the stock market in the fall of 2008. It simply evaporates.


This makes perfect sense to me because puberty is when the hormone flow helps to kick in some of the instinctive behavior that is related to all mammals. In particular I’m talking about childbirth.


Granted, in our society twelve years old girls giving birth is quite the No-No. But that’s not how it works at the mammalian level of life. And I predict that in a perfectly safe world a young woman’s self esteem at puberty would be a non-issue because it would not “TANK”.


However, since we obviously live in an imperfectly safe world the elders of the community do whatever they can do to dissuade sexual activity at such a young age for girls or boys.


Boys indeed have their issues with puberty too. However, the girl’s issue with puberty manifests as tremendous insecurity in what seems to be countless forms that never seems to cease until death.


To combat this, current day experts in child rearing suggest trying numerous things such as, to encourage young girls to assert themselves as much as possible from extra curricular activities at school to being all that they can be in virtually anything else they encounter in life in order to prop up and hopefully inculcate self esteem into each young woman. That’s great, but the problem is, these methods do not seem to be working.


Meanwhile, the mammalian pressure from the primal lands located deep within each woman, are hard at work driving her to engage in the one thing she was born to do. That is, pick the best male of her species she can find, mate with him, and perpetuate the species! And even though that’s a fact Jack does that end the story?


Nope. Not by a long shot because we humans possess one thing unique to our species and something no other mammal faces, and that is, the power of reason a/k/a cognitive development. And if we are to believe our developmental psychologists then we need to accept as fact that our cognitive development does not reach maturity until around the age of 25.


Again, for human males, how they deal with such a dichotomy is an issue and it is different than girls and it is the subject for another blog. For women, the fact that their mammalian self tells them to mate at 12 but their over all ability to choose a mate for life does not completely develop until age 25, and couple this with the fact we live in an imperfectly safe world it is truly a wonder why women are not completely insane with insecurity. Or are they?


This still leaves the question “What to do about it”? Admittedly, there are more aspects to this subject than I’ve put in this blog. Please keep on the look out for the release of my book titled, “The Perfect Relationship: How to Find, Build, and Keep it”. In the book many questions like the one put forth here get answered.


 OR, if you wish email me and I will put that email on a list to contact when the book gets released. is my email. I am the only one who reads email sent there and I promise to keep your ID anonymous.


Copyright Gary Jamesã 2009 all rights reserved





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