Sunday, January 3rd, 2010


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Given all the media hype about Tiger Wood’s love life who did not know that AT&T would drop his sponsorship. For the moment he is simply too hot & too risky to keep around given the way the media snoops into people’s private lives. Who knows what they might uncover next?

Meanwhile, as a relationships author I can tell you that none of what has gone on recently in Tiger’s life surprised me…not even a little bit. Rather, my contention is, it was probably some publicist or other type of Ad person who likely whispered into Tiger’s ear the benefits of the increased value to his stock should he get married, start a family, and become the quintessential “role model” for God knows who that motivated Tiger Woods to get married in the first place.

With that scenario as a likely influence, the overall estimate that Tiger’s love life will cost sports, endorsements, and his self currently sits at about 12 billion dollars. Talk about the ripple effect. But wait a minute, what about the fact he now no longer has to live the lie?

Prior to the news break about his true interest in women, socially speaking, who didn’t think of Tiger as a fortunate dweeb? But for the fact he could make a golf ball sing opera, cook breakfast, or just about anything else he wanted there is no way that Tiger Woods would get near the women he does. From a strict straight sexual male perspective and someone who has written a book* on the subject Tiger gets a resounding “BRAVO!” (*See book titled “The Mammalian Way”) 

Not that I endorse infidelity because I don’t. Socially speaking, the fact is, Tiger had no business being married in the first place. The Bravo part is because he pulled it off for as long as he did. If Tiger would have the physical look of a Brad Pit I doubt the media would have allowed him to get away with the antics he did for nearly as long.

Financially speaking, Tiger needs on his team an advisor who can council his councilors about how to launch the career of a male sports super star where the fact he is a “playa” as an established fact of life. Tiger MUST now drop his image as a family man liaison between the craziness of big time sports & the average folk and pick up the “scepter of suave”. He can still be a role model to God knows who only he’ll have to add kids the caution about getting married before your time or getting married at all if “it’s” not in you.

Whoever he gets to advise him might even begin with getting him dates with women who can trace their lineage into royal blood or heiresses to major fortunes (for example, if someone could negotiate a Tiger Woods – Paris Hilton hook up it would bolster both of their careers straight into the stratosphere league of relationships I call, “The Untouchables”).

I do not know Tiger Woods personally but I do know he needs to read the information I have to share while he is still in sabbatical. But that’s another blog.

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Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

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Men who overtly act out their mammalian selves how, where, and when they choose has been a human foregone fact of life for centuries. It’s only been over the last forty years where men have been forced to deal with the psychology of women doing essentially the same thing. For those who read my book you can now see that “The Mammalian Way”™ is alive and well in our culture. The fact is, as the world turned more and more unsafe, this elaborate psychological defense mechanism has become more and more prominent in controlling human behavior.

However, it’s only been in recent decades where men have had to face knowing “how and why” “The Mammalian Way”™ operates on each gender. Otherwise, they get screwed and they don’t get “nearly enough sex” in relationships (more pain-less pleasure) and this at least goes against the basic premise of the acclaimed, “Pleasure Principle”.

Even though a small portion of men can see how it affects their love life, intuitively, most men still choose to remain ignorant as to “The Mammalian Way’s” importance, and it shows, for example, in the increase in the number of men who clandestinely ask me for help.

“What do I say to a woman when I approach her”? This is still the number one question I get asked by men who find it ever increasingly difficult to find a mutually agreeable woman willing to have sex with him.

Men allow their mammalian selves to get completely out of control while at the same time they use their cognitive ability to lie to themselves, that they do not need to follow the mammalian rules of social behavior in relationships, especially when they do not even bother to know what the rules are. It’s like a man who goes on a hunt and all he takes with him is a gun and some bullets (analogous to his erection and his big mouth) but no proper clothing or, knowledge of the game he’s hunting, knowledge of the woods, rules related to the hunt, and any recent changes to those rules. How foolish is that? Meanwhile,

The answer to the rhetorical question, what do I say is, “If a man is smart he says nothing at all until she approaches you or gives you a sign that it’s OK to approach her”. Otherwise, a man should not approach a woman. Believe it or not, that is how it’s always been. It’s a part of the Mammalian Way and it always works. The reason men feel that they can use some “line” to “pick up a woman” is because of their own “Perversions of Honor” (See the book titled “The Mammalian Way”.)

So long as a man does not know what “Perversions of Honor” means and how to work his life around it, in this day and age he is not likely to have nearly the sex he could have, and this includes committed relationships between men and women such as marriage. WHY? Because most of the instinctive behavioral elements of “The Mammalian way”™ that have remained dormant or suppressed within women for centuries is now becoming more and more manifest in their daily lives.

Essentially, the changes men now see in women’s empowered behavior is, a woman’s Mammalian Way coming of age. And so long as we live in an imperfectly safe world the gusto of what that means, ala, more sex, more pleasure-less pain, will go to the men and women who know about and how to contend with the attributes related to “The Mammalian Way”™.

In other words, with respect to meeting a woman willing to have sex with them, men screw themselves through ignorance of “The Mammalian Way”™ and as a consequence they also do not have sex with a woman nearly as much as they could. To learn more click the book cover below.

I do not encourage commenst here. If you wish you may email me, gary.jms1@gmail.com I am the only one who reads mail sent there.

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Thursday, July 9th, 2009

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From what I’ve read thus far, the Steve McNair-Sahel Kazemi story is a prime example of “The Mammalian Way” instincts gone haywire. The problem is it is very unlikely that either Steve McNair or Sahel Kazemi were even slightly aware that “The Mammalian Way” instincts might be working against them. And now they never will.

If either of them would have had just a general understanding of how the mammalian way instincts operate it is possible they could have resolved their issues instead of how they exploded in their lives.

“The Mammalian Way” instincts are in part elaborate psychological defense mechanisms that can manifest in someone’s life to protect them in a situation where their environment is perceived to be imperfectly safe.

Men and women instinctively react to these various environments quite differently and unless you are aware of how to read it (which is a relatively simple thing to do) it can cause an implosion of the psychological mechanism and that can lead to extreme volatile behavior.

In their case, evidently, a man’s honor was dissed or even double dissed (See “The Mammalian Way” for an explanation of double dis) and he became defensive. This reaction created a sense of insecurity in the woman that likely reached both poles of her insecurity pendulum swing. (See “The Mammalian Way” for an understanding of “The Pendulum swing of Insecurity”.)

This can often become a closed trap, or cycle of behavior but instead of the two defense mechanisms working in concert (i.e., for the benefit of the relationship) it can work against a relationship by perpetually escalating the negative aspects of human mammalian behavior. I have seen this phenomena occur in relationships many times.

And this can lead to violence such as the apparent murder-suicide of the pair.

My book “The Mammalian Way” is an interesting read. The information conveyed is greatly needed by professionals and everyday folk alike, who engage in any type of relationship. It can help perfect’ relationships you forge and they can help you survive “day to day” living in an imperfectly safe world.

My prayers go out to the Mcnair and Kazemi families.

I do not encourage comments here. If you have input or questions you can email me, gary.jms1@gmail.com I am the only one who reads that mail.

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