Friday, January 16th, 2009

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….if Obama can not jump start the debt machine mighty fast, his positive relationships with our culture will be fraught with problems, and because he is black, he is the Prime target to eventually be referred to as, “The Sub Prime President”…..

Since the election of 2008 the sheer type and intensity of issues that face our world leaders and population has rekindled my interest in searching for the bottom line or perhaps the “big picture” of what’s really going on for the sake of greed.

This time around my research has uncovered the true issue, the ground zero of why the international economy of which America is a big part crashed and burned. Here’s the scoop.

Our current demise actually began in the 1940’s when the bankers got together with a number of real estate people and literally, physically, built a wall that separated the City of Detroit, Michigan into two areas.

One area that was loan worthy to buy or build in (called prime areas) and those that were not loan worthy (called sub prime).

The epitome of what was called “redlining”, this maneuver (which is no longer legal to do) that began in Detroit quickly spread throughout the United States. Whereby, people and property who qualified for prime lending were treated to much better terms than property or people who were in the sub prime category.

Skip ahead….skip ahead…..skip ahead…..some 60 years later the culmination of this type of lending came when the concept was combined with two other concepts.

1) Bundling and selling sub prime mortgages as investments themselves on the open market and chiefly to hedge funds (people with plenty of money). And since it did not take much to rewrite the credit worthiness of the mortgages within the bundles as AAA grade, a great many bundles were sold to foreign investors who accepted the “safeness” of these investments at face value.

2) The variable rate mortgage. ARMs as they are called became the drill that burst the ever expanding “loan/investment bubble”.

With this over all trilogy of financial terror in play is it any wonder that it took only about 6 years to evaporate the whole bloody thing? I have read and listened to a huge pile of crap about mitigating circumstances that helped account for the financial mess we’re in but the above information sums up what really happened.

Meanwhile, Poor Ole President Obama can do nothing about it BECAUSE he is still stuck with an economy that can ONLY grow through debt expansion. In other words, we have to start all over again using the same principles and communication issues that got us into this mess in the first place. Hopefully this time it will be a bit more difficult for the banker’s et al, to engage the greed factor.

I predict that if Obama can not jump start the debt machine mighty fast, his positive relationships with our culture will be fraught with problems, and because he is black, he is the Prime target to eventually be referred to as, “The Sub Prime President”. I hated sharing this with you but that’s the way I genuinely see it. And since I am very rarely ever wrong about such things, I ask, who wants odds?

Stay tuned to this blog. I will eventually share with you what YOU can do in your everyday lives to come out of this financial crap pile “smelling like a rose” as it were.

BTW, in blogs like this I do not list any of my sources because most of them want to remain anonymous.

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Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

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Obama: The Dream Leader.

He’s got the heart, charisma, elocution, spirit (or whatever you want to call it) of a leader and a president in the league of Lincoln, FDR, and JFK. Still Obama might be dreaming when it comes to changes he can actually institute.
My take is, he’s come along after the main damage has been done. So he could end up a mere clean up boy behind the parade of leaders from LBJ on through to George W. Bush. What do I mean?
In a nutshell: Lincoln set the stage for the two statuses at law (Two Jurisdictions: One for people with inalienable rights and one for those without) to appear as only one status where democracy could completely overpower the status of the republic. FDR put that concept into full use with the “New Deal“.
However, along came JFK who was going to reverse most of the executive orders that were used as a tool to accomplish passing off two distinct statuses at law as one. He was going to rescind under the emergency powers (executive orders) that had never been rescinded even though they should have when the emergencies the executive orders were written for subsided, going all the way back to include the first ever executive order that Lincoln used to raise the northern army.
Many researchers now agree that part of JFK’s intent was to restore the republic as much as possible and relegate the democratic process back to it’s original purpose within the republic.
This as we now know was a dangerous idea because had JFK succeeded it would have been very restrictive for big business and it would have taken most of the real power to run the country right out of the hands of the politicians. (Did I say in a nutshell or what?)
Meanwhile, here we are at the brink of a major milestone in the lineage of American Presidency’s. Given what I think has happened since the reign of LBJ where the out going president presents the over all actual “state of affairs” facing the incoming president, I am sure Obama received an ear full from George W Bush.
As an exercise In Political Science: Track down any video footage
you can find of Barack Obama just after his first briefing as president elect with George W Bush. Note the deep look of despair that looms over his face just after the briefing and just before his speech.
What was he likely told? America is bankrupt for one thing and that his Station as President (along with we the people), are merely trustees of the bankruptcy.
This also means that any bright ideas Obama might have with respect to changing anything are all subject to the powers that be. Namely the people with the money…the banks……I know, I know. The US government was supposed to have bailed out the banks. Maybe so, but not the ones with the real power. But that’s subject matter for another blog.
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Gary James Blogs…….Help with Relationships & Other Survival Issues

Sunday, October 5th, 2008




…here is where I share applications, Axioms, and examples of how the psychological theories I uncovered effect your life, today, right now….

Welcome to Gary James Blogs, the place where men and women learn to: Better communicate with each other, make better sense of their lives, become empowered, and use atypical thinking to survive each day with an optimum of happiness.

As a social theorist one of the subjects I have encountered where there are a great many people who still have misunderstandings and communication difficulties is with the opposite sex, especially since we now live in the era of EMPOWERED WOMEN. Given the confusion men have about women and women have about men, is it any wonder why personal relationships problems abound, especially where intercourse can be involved?

As for men, empowered women have become an increasing issue in that women with power tend to intimidate men who never bother to learn a thing about women. If men only knew how easy it is to meet, interact, date, mate, love, romance, have sex, or just befriend an empowered woman,…well, that’s part of what this site is for, men learn how to treat women because they will learn something of women’s true nature as well as something of their own. It's the basis to build any type of personal relationship, let alone one with minimal relationships problems.

However, I have no intension to change anything about men, just enhance what is already in us to begin with. Such as, men view women as sex objects first. That’s something that is as certain as the sun rising in the east. Is that a good thing? Gentlemen, if you stick around and read my stuff you are going to discover that's a great thing! But only if you know the "unwritten" rules of behavior for men and how to read women's sign. The actual main issue men have is, most men already think they know how to read a woman's behavior or how to act and react to that behavior in order to gain her favor.

So what is the barometer men can use to tell if they're already adept at reading women's sign? Answer? Married or single, you'll know when you really do not have to ask for what you want.

As for women, most of the time women know predominately two things about men. A) Men only want one thing and B) If a woman can handle a five year old child she can usually handle a man. FYI, both of these observations are accurate. The reasons why this is so is what you might find of interest.

Women are also keenly interested in the way men think and feel, especially feel, given that feel is the "F" word for most men who tend to close off their true feelings. If women only knew how easy it is to get a man to open up,….well, that’s part of what this site is about. Women learn more about how men think and the key to their feelings. I also have no intension to change anything about women. Women do that just fine on their own.

By the way, did I mention that I’ve written the first draft of a book titled, “The Perfect Relationship, Secrets to Find, Build, and Keep it.”

I am not ready to release it just yet. A couple internet Gurus I became friends with suggested I blog and write about the book for awhile before the books release. This also gives me the time to edit, and so I've taken their advice.

At any rate, here is where I share applications, Axioms, and examples of how the psychological theories effect your life, today, right now, in terms of personal relationships problems and communication difficulities with the opposite sex in the era of empowered women.

So bookmark this blog and "click" the "contact us" link to opt onto my email mailing list. I will keep you updated when I add a blog or one of the juicy anecdotes I live through that reveal the language of Love and "The Perfect Relationship". Bye for now…

Copyright © Gary James 2008 all rights reserved



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Sunday, September 28th, 2008

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….For a Social Theorist, insight is the main reason they are able to accurately theorize about specific subjects that actually matter to everyday people’s lives,….

It is a mistake to believe that a science consists in nothing but conclusively proved propositions, and it is unjust to demand that it should. It is a demand only made by those who feel a craving for authority in some form and a need to replace the religious catechism by something else, even if it be a scientific one. Science….consists mainly of statements which it has developed to varying degrees of probability. The capacity to be content with these approximations to certainty and the ability to carry on constructive work despite the lack of final confirmation are actually a mark of the scientific habit of mind.Sigmund Freud

For anyone who has the gift of insight and presses on into the universal realm of discovery despite all obsticles and apprehensions, is the difference between living and merely existing. – Gary James

As early as 6 years old and Long before I heard the term “Social Theorist” that my peers use to describe me I knew there were many aspects in many areas of life that seemed very incomplete to me. And in several instances as I matured I set out and did something about it.

I produced original theories in the fields of American Law as well as Health & Wellness.

In the field of Health & Wellness I coined the phrase “Nutritional Based Disorders”. Prior to my work in that field there was no such term in use. Since I published a few writings on the subject every major pharmaceutical company and a great many medical as well as alternative institutions now use the phrase routinely in that they recognize the immense influence that “food (and food supplements) as an actual therapy” has on the human condition regarding physical Health & Wellness.

As for American Law, my theory was so successful with regard to the protection of “inalienable rights” I was paid a visit by a couple “G” Men who convinced me to “keep to myself” about the convoluted reasoning I found that permeates the American system of Law to this day.

What people who make their living in the pursuit of those professions found interesting is, I produced hyper accurate, very useful, and original information for each of those professions, and I am not a physician or a lawyer. What I find interesting in their observation is, until they met me they did not see that as it stands now, in order to participate in their respective existing regimes as a licensed professional it becomes necessary to surrender or chiefly ignore their own God given insight.

For a Social Theorist insight is the main reason they are able to accurately theorize about specific subjects that actually matter to everyday people’s lives, and therefore it is vital to the profession of Social Theory that the theorist, remain free as possible from any encumbrances that could stifle their insight. And that is the case with me.

However, in the field of Social Science where I have made great headway into a new theory that reveals two elaborate psychological-sociological defense mechanisms unconsciously constructed by the masses over a long period of time in order to make life more tolerable on an everyday basis, besides insight, I hold a degree in psychology as well as business. My thesis, my right to proceed as a professional in this matter, is the book where I present my efforts titled, “The Mammalian Way” ™.

This effort began while I was still a teenager in college where I read the works of Sigmund Freud, Abraham Maslow, Carl Rodgers, B.F. Skinner, and Jean Piaget. I sensed even then the social sciences needed a more complete paradigm to explain the basic psychology of human behavior, especially instinctive behavior, although at the time I was far too timid to say so. As I took it upon myself to search for an accurate more complete picture of the human condition, after college, I went to work professionally in the grass roots area of production and for more than 30 years I made a living there. This vocation provided the perfect fodder for my psychology-sociology research because as a producer of the arts & entertainment it enabled me to interact with many thousands of the most diverse personalities and behavior patterns in people from all over the world. 

Meanwhile, in order to obtain optimum benefit from the information presented in the book you need to apply the information in your own life and glean the benefits directly as much as you can. I have written the book as a source of reference for clinicians as well as a source of self-help for those who prefer that venue.

Since I do not encourage comments here, for further information read my book(s) and listen to the audio series. And also visit my blog. http://www.garyjamesblogs.com 

© Copyright Gary James 2008 All Rights Reserved



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