THE MAMMALIAN WAY: In a relationahip it always prevails For or Against you

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012




Every heterosexual relationship that has ever been built, or crashed into nothing has involved or does involve The Mammalian Way™ force of nature. There is no escaping it because it’s a part of nature’s way to protect human species survival… even if you were to say, “I’ve given up on relationships”.  

I discovered & represent the corner stone in understanding about the true Reality of Relationships and I speak FOR the instincts. There are three main instincts that converge into a single force of nature called The Mammalian Way™ (Pronounced, Ma-MAIL-YUN) when “Girl meets Guy”.

I make this very overt statement because at this point in time I am uniquely qualified to speak for The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) instincts and I am also the leader of an ever growing number of people who are in the process of assimilating how to harness this power and use it as a survival tool in order to help keep their relationships as well as their lives happier & safer.

My books, blog, web site, and drama series, are dedicated to the mission of helping both genders acquire what they truly desire from engaging in the same relationship.

FOR WOMEN this translates into an overall sense of feeling secure that comes with knowing certain truths, like when you know a secret to a fast & special service that everyone else stands in line to receive. Plus, the men you meet will no longer be a mystery. And it will become much easier for you to choose which man for what purpose, because TMW opens the pathway for a woman to actually "have it all". 

FOR MEN it translates into receiving better quality treatment from the woman/women they encounter not to mention the distinct possibility of receiving actual “A” grade sex (maybe this will be for the first time in your life).

And it’s all because you will finally know the secrets of The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) of things (stuff that your parents would have told you but they did not know about TMW themselves).

TMW is simply several of your instincts that congeal into a single force of nature when Girl meets Guy. So without fear you need to get to know them as The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) because they never ever change and they have but one goal; Human species survival. And oddly enough they will leave you in emotional and physical pain & anguish if you do anything to interrupt their process of protecting species survival.

So, unless everything is already wonderful with your love-life it's very important to your well being that you start to understand TMW right away. The sooner you do the sooner you avoid the pain and enjoy the benefits….  

Be sure to visit the web site right now for further information or to order the book or an audio by clicking here.

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Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

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Someone has discovered that there is a very specific Starting Point where all relationships connect, begin, and end.  Over thirty years of research went into discovering an existing Law of Nature (similar to gravity), only this law applies to human relationships and it's now known as The Mammalian Way.

So if you desire to have a wonderful relationship(s) with lots of happiness, and little if any pain, then first you need to read The Mammalian Way.  It will improve your ability to have a a happy fulfilling love life.

Because of his dedication to finding the TRUTH of why so many relationships fail, and his continuous efforts in creating and perfecting this theory, I am a survivor today.  Mr. James' unique understanding of both Men and Women has finally brought to light the deepest nature of how human (mammalian) relationships work.

Once you read The Mammalian Way, I guarantee that you will come to have a clearer, more precise understanding of who you are as a Man/Woman and how your very nature plays the biggest role in every relationship you've had, or will have. 

Become a relationship survivor with me, and get your own copy of The Mammalian Way.  You can have more Happiness, with far less Pain, and understand how to keep your relationship on track by following this simple Law of Nature. 

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Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

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Conversations with Men: If you think women are confused about men. Just listen in and learn what men do know about women and what they don’t know about themselves when it comes to sex, romance, and love. No “A” grade sex for those guys only “B” grade sex at best.

Conversations with Women: Women get an easy read on men because they know men only want one thing….or at least that’s how it seems. What they don’t know is WHY men seem to be getting worse and WHAT it is that women truly want.

You need to go to my radio show and check out the information you’ll find useful in your own relationships.

ATTENTION: I have decided to produce radio dramas to further enhance the value of how men and women benefit by knowledge of how to use “The Mammalian Way” for more pleasure & happiness and less pain in everyday decisions made in relationships.

Regardless of the program you listen to, you need a copy of the book to get the most of the terms and other mammalian way speak used in the dramas and conversations. Bye for now.

I do not encourage comments here. You may comment at my show or email me at

Gary James

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Sunday, March 28th, 2010

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Here is another segment of "Personal Relationship Therapy". A brief synopsis of the story of “Valentines Day Joe” who followed "The Mammalian Way", was able to read her behavior, temporarily shed his phobias, impress his love interest as only an independent man is able to do, in order to have his woman feel truly special,… and then be handsomely rewarded with the best sex of his life,….. and then receive a bonus to boot!

Listen to the 15 minute excerpt from the audio curriculum "The Mammalian Way"(TMW).


Men & Women learn that TMW can be seen as a "silent language for people who engage in relationships and the closest thing to communication via telepathy that humans possess in abundance"…..AND NOT ONLY FOR SEX, LOVE, AND ROMANCE…TMW can be applied to business or even a poker game….Tune in….listen & learn. The book can be acquired at The audios can be acquired by direct contact, "The Mammalian Way" will change your life for the better…More pleasure…Less Pain…I promise..


I do not encourage comments here. If you wish you can email me, I am the only one who reads mail sent there.

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Thursday, February 25th, 2010

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….Tiger Woods is a phenomenon. And he is about to become a “larger than life” persona of what it means to be a man of means. Meanwhile, it’s the women who would love to see Tiger’s testicles tied to a golf Tee…..


And then, on top of the scuttle butt, Tiger Woods decided to display a vulgar use of his power by standing in front of a camera to make a national apology. Apologize to whom?

His sponsors? It’s not necessary. Tiger’s sponsors know very well that the sport where he’s a super star appeals mostly to men and in case you’re wondering, men could give a flying “fc’k” that Tiger Woods has relationship issues because he has had sex with 20 plus girlfriends despite the fact he also has a wife and kids.

The fact is, Tiger’s sponsors and the men who follow golf simply want his a@@ back on the course because he’s the best thing to happen to the game of golf since they invented the 19th hole. And as soon as he gets back on the course and gets through the media frenzy that will be a part of the show everyone (which includes his detractors) will see for themselves, Tiger Woods is a phenomenon. And relationship issues or not, he is about to become a “larger than life” persona of what it means to be a man of means.

Meanwhile, it’s the women who would love to see Tiger’s testicles tied to a golf Tee. And then let every duffer in sight take a swing. However, as for apologizing to the women, the cold reality is, since I seriously doubt anyone can produce an appreciable amount of women who have NOT been cheated on, the women in our culture therefore, know very well that all women can do in a situation like dealing with a Cad is to sue for money….and that’s assuming she has genuine cause to seek remedy. (Having consensual sex with a superstar is not necessarily such a cause).

The only thing that has happened thus far is that Tiger Woods has shown his true stripes, and that’s it….And this includes the fact he has now rammed the point home by standing in front of a TV camera and make spew. Tiger Woods as a man is a “Cad”….a squeaky clean p*@@y hound who got caught with his hand deep inside the honey jar who is also currently in the state of denial about what everybody else seems to know.

However, as for Tiger’s children let’s be thankful they are being protected from the plethora of reports published about “what daddy did”. They seem young enough that barring some other sinister element revealed,… this whole thing will blow over by the time they reach puberty, the age where they could have the capacity to relate to “what daddy did” all on their own.

Elin, on the other hand, was perhaps blindsided by this saga in that Tiger was involved in not just an affair but a juggernaut of self indulgence deliberately perpetrated by Tiger’s own hand… and it would take the power & prowess of someone the caliber of Hugh Hefner to match.

Anyone with the slightest understanding of “how things actually work” on planet earth knows and even expects such behavior from men of power such as a Hugh Hefner or even a Bill Clinton. NO.

What caught Elin off guard is the fact that Tiger was the rare phenomenon who calculatedly was set upon high as an image as though it were priceless. (Anyone who knows good business knows that such an image is usually an illusion and not to be trusted. Whoever put money into Tiger Wood’s career based upon such an illusion and lost money because of his antics with women deserves to have lost money.)

To be fair, that error in judgment is perhaps one of only two real issues I can find to come out of all the reports on Tiger Woods antics with women. The second issue is the fact I doubt that Tiger or any of his close advisors have read my book, “The Mammalian way”.

This is something that if Tiger OR Elin had done as they were growing up or before they got married could have given them the insight into men & women that would have helped them handle Tiger’s monstrous mammalian urges to pervert his honor and to dispense with those perversions on their own terms and without the need to get caught as an adulterer or other such relationships issues…as well as, handle Elin’s extreme sense of insecurity that could account for why all she’s got to show for life with Tiger thus far is a couple kids and a “hole” lot of money.

I do not know Tiger Woods. If you do and could get this blog post in front of him he could surely use the help. I realize what I say here is presumptuous. However, quite a number of people who have already read my book or use my curriculum has mentioned to me, that people like John Edwards, Mark Sanford, Tiger Woods, OR their wives OR mistresses, etc. REALLY, REALLY need to read my book. If so, they would likely not be in the crap pile they ended up in.  But that’s another blog…..

I have written new, original, and useful material for the social sciences. Within that material are answers that can help you in all of your relationships. Remember: You cannot escape “The Mammalian Way”. You deal with it moment to moment everyday of your lives. It doesn’t judge. It can help or hurt you and it is not forgiving when you make errors in judgment especially if you do not know what “The Mammalian Way” means……

I do not encourage comments here. If you wish to contact me direct try  or simply search engine my name.

Gary James – Professional Social Theorist

© Copyright Gary James 2010 all rights reserved


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Sunday, December 20th, 2009

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Elin Nordegren, Jamie Jungers, Mindy Lawton, Cori Rist, Rachel Uchitel, Kalika Moquin, Jaimee Grubbs, etc., etc……..all picked Tiger as a sex partner. Their behavior toward Tiger Woods are examples of women acting out behavior that is on the purely mammalian side of the “Pendulum Swing Of Insecurity” that all women perpetually ride.

Since I wrote the original theory about human instinctive behavior and how it controls our behavior in relationships more than we might think, this, despite the fact we humans also possess a cognitive capacity that is supposed to control our more primal behavior that I refer to as, “The Mammalian Way”, there has been an ever increasing number of issues in people’s relationships, especially celebrity relationships that bear out the tenets of my original theory to the “T”.

For example, a major tenet of my original theory related to how men and women behave instinctively in relationships is the fact that when it comes to relationships, Women Pick Men….. Men do not Pick Women. This is especially true when sex & romance can enter the mix of a relationship’s emotions and social behavior patterns.

Another tenet that most non professionals tend to under estimate is the fact that women innately respond to a man they perceive as powerful in that they are drawn to him. According to the decades long studies I conducted most women admitted that when they are/were in the company of men they perceived as powerful they had a tendency to become “wet between the legs”. In my book titled, “The Mammalian Way” I expound on this tendency to include the fact that a woman’s response to a man’s power is mostly a perception that induces a woman’s more mammalian needs to manifest as a completely soaked vagina and ready for sex as only one example of how her mammalian self innately responds to a man that she’s picked.

Case in point is the ever growing list of women that have picked Tiger Woods for sex. Attention: Do not slight Tiger Woods for what many call a transgression. Tiger Woods was simply up against his own innate mammalian drives akin to most male mammals that typically manifest as an overwhelming urge to spread his seed.

Meanwhile, I doubt that Tiger Woods has ever been taught about the power of the Mammalian Way as it relates to a man’s responsibility toward his as well as “her” set of purely mammalian instincts when in a committed relationship such as marriage. Otherwise, I doubt he would be in the mess he’s in. Still, Tiger’s MAMMALIAN INSTINCTS ARE QUITE NORMAL. It’s the way he acted upon them that is cheap & hurtful.

I maintain that unless a man (or woman) truly knows what they are dealing with in an innate drive that can affect their relationships, when that drive becomes manifest, a man (or woman) are extremely prone to act on that drive regardless of their semantic commitments or other cognitive capacities to the contrary (such as vows) and they will almost always do the wrong thing in the end. And this fact is predicated on the fact we humans live in an ever increasing imperfectly safe environment. (Read “The Mammalian Way” for a clear understanding)

Psychiatrists, psychologists, and other therapists have been the first people to use my theory in their practices. The tenets can be used as therapy after a relationship issue arises or it can also be used as a pre-emptive measure to avoid or abate a crucial situation such as the urge to cheat! Since the question of “why do men or women cheat” is in the top three questions I get asked, it is therefore time for humans earth wide to understand their gender specific innate drives. So read my book.

Bottom Line: When a man has a social posture based on such things as money, fame, and accomplishment, etc., it is easy to set up women desperate for their own identity to fall for him. They’ll pick him if only to satisfy her curiosity. But make no mistake about it she will need to see him as powerful and she must pick him before anything can happen between them (even if he’s the one who approaches her first.) And it’s all in keeping with “The Mammalian Way”. Power is a huge attraction for a woman because it goes to her deep insatiable innate need for security…But that’s another blog.

Since I do not encourage comments on this blog you can contact me via email, I am the only one who reads that mail.

Copyright © Gary James 2009 all rights reserved.

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Monday, September 28th, 2009

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Hey eveybody, it’s Gary James!
I hope you’re doing well.
I want to acquaint you to a man that I’m very impressed with. This man’s name is Al Cole. Al is a huge new talent who has burst upon the scene and is a born Romantic! Al’s new Book ROMANCE FOR WOMEN…And For ALL MANKIND is not only great reading, but is one of the few Books out there by a man that truly stands for TREATING WOMEN WITH THE DIGNITY THAT THEY DESERVE! Al has been a full-time Broadcaster for the last 15 years, most of which time has been spent with CBS Radio. Al is a walking example of ingenuity and professionalism! And now his new Book ROMANCE FOR WOMEN…And For ALL MANKIND is available in E-BOOK form!

***Al’s thrilling E-BOOK has already helped many to understand and to love themselves more, and to love the ones closest to them with greater depth. It has opened up a whole new world of beautiful sensuality & sexuality to all those who have entered into it’s creative charm! And it comes highly recommended by me! (You see Al’s book also happens to validate the main tenets of my new theory in the social sciences.) If you order it & read it, you won’t be disappointed.

***Al’s insightful & healing E-BOOK is made fully affordable through safe & secure PayPal — it’s only $9.99! And it’s now conveniently downloadable by CLICKING on this Link

***After reading Al’s E-BOOK, listen to his weekly Syndicated Talk Show IT’S ALL ABOUT ROMANCE–With Al Cole. His Talk Show can be heard on many Radio Stations the greatest of which is Radio giant! Be prepared to become a full-fledged Believer in Love, Romance, and Human Dignity!

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Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

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The issue is, our instinctive behavior now runs a constant collision course with our learned behavior. It’s an earth wide issue and over the last few decades at least it has brought the human condition face to face with it’s own existence….

“What Is He Thinking? Sanford Violates All Rules of Sex Scandal”. This is one of the headlines Fox News used in reporting on Governor Mark Sanford’s admission he sees his love interest from Argentina as his “Soul Mate”.

According to the theories I developed over many years and now bring to the world via this blog and my book titled, “The Mammalian Way” What Governor Mark Sanford was thinking has nothing to do with it.

What he’s actually facing that brought him to behavior that would violate the “rules of political sex scandal” is the everyday conflict that he along with billions of other male and female human mammals face earth wide within their relationships, especially their most inimate ones. And love does not necessarily have anything to do with it. According to my life long research this is swiftly becoming a fact of current day human existence.

In my book, “The Mammalian Way” I share through two new workable theories that brings a more complete big picture paradigm into the social sciences. I maintain that humans have instinctively developed over a long period of time two elaborate psychological defense mechanisms (one for women, one for men) that help us to contend with moment to moment survival amongst one another who have no choice but to live in an imperfectly safe world (environment). The main issue is, these defense mechanisms are now “trying” to modify our instinctive behavior such that it now runs a constant collision course with our learned behavior. It’s an earth wide issue and over the last few decades at least it has brought the human condition face to face with it’s own existence.

It boiled down to a discovery I made that took nearly three decades to piece together that lead to my authoring a couple new theories that render to the world a more complete paradigm in the social sciences. I call them “The Pendulum Swing of Insecurity” for women and “Perversions of Honor” for men.

How & why did this happen? The theory is quite simple in concept. There are two very elaborate psychological defense mechanisms unconsciously created & developed by human kind over a long period of time in order to contend with mostly instinctive behavior patterns as they emerge from the inner most area of the human condition into an ever increasing “Imperfectly Safe World (ISW)”.

Ironically, although the “ISW” is an environment that seems to be a fact of life I am convinced it is an unnatural state for the human condition and not one that human’s were designed to live under indefinitely. I know this sounds a bit existential but I am certain the issue lies in the conflict between human instinctive and human learned behavior, and it can be readily seen by observation of the defense mechanisms at work, as humans act out instinctive behavior that comes natural to all mammals.

Behavior I refer to as, “The Mammalian Way”. In essence, my book is an introduction to the defense mechanism’s story.

As for Governor Mark Sanford, if he would have read my work before he met his wife I doubt he would be dealing with what he’s got to deal with now. Bye for now.

I do not encourage comments on this blog. If you wish, you may email me, just copy and paste. I am the only one who reads that mail.

Copyright © Gary James 2009 all rights reserved.



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Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

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….the theories indirectly pose very definite answers to many of the more pervasive questions that have become a part of human culture. Questions such as, “Why do good girls like bad boys”? “Why do Men only seem to want one thing”? “Why are Women so difficult to figure out”? and more….

Professionally, my background is production. (TV, film, standard grass roots stuff, etc) Whatever legitimate way I could pay the bills.

Along that journey I discovered I had an ability to write and share useful information about relationships. (A spin off from a wider endeavor called Social Theory)

This has spawned from me a book that literally adds two new workable theories to the big picture paradigm in the social sciences. I discovered that humans have instinctively developed over a long period of time two elaborate psychological defense mechanisms (one for women, one for men) that help us to contend with moment to moment survival amongst one another who have no choice but to live in an imperfectly safe world (environment). The issue is, our instinctive behavior now runs a constant collision course with our learned behavior. It’s an earth wide issue and over the last few decades at least it has brought the human condition face to face with it’s own existence.

The question can be asked then, is there hope for humans? I say yes, absolutely. It just takes a little understanding of what we often take for granted (our behavior) and a little application of that understanding to make our lives, and especially our relationships with others more perfect under the circumstances we each face day to day.

On a lighter note, the interesting part (and why the book is worth the resources spent to read it) is the theories indirectly pose very definite answers to many of the open ended and more pervasive questions that have become a part of human culture. Questions such as, “Why do good girls like bad boys”? “Why do Men only seem to want one thing”? “Why are Women so difficult to figure out”? and more.


Application of the information shared in the book, “The Mammalian Way” will help to take away the pain or potential pain often associated with personal relationships and brought about because we are conditioned by our own society’s socialization process to “MISREAD” the actions and reactions of people’s instinctive behavior and especially the behavior of the opposite sex. Still, this book is not necessarily for everyone.

However, it is:


For women who feel they needed to “decide” between marrying safe and the Za za Zoom of love.

For men who get their heart broken every time they get into a relationship…and they have no idea the real reason(s) why?

For anyone who has come home to find an empty house or apartment because their “Love” interest has left them and can never provide a tangible explanation as to why?

For anyone who has heard the words, “I just don’t love you any more” spoken from the one who was supposed to be their “soul mate”.

For people who wish to avoid the “control freak” “Fatal Attraction” syndrome in relationships.

For people who are in a long term relationship and the “Za Za ZOOM” feeling that made it worth while in the first place has somehow evaporated.

For people who were burned in relationships to the point they now think that relationships, just like love….stinks!

For men who think that to approach women using the age old “numbers Game”, i.e., the more women you directly approach the greater the probability of meeting a woman willing to go out with you….is still the way to meet women….

For women who know, “Men only want one thing”, but can’t figure out much of anything else about men beyond that (and often do not admit it).

For women who constantly fake orgasm to keep him happy then masturbate for sexual release.

For women who “turned” gay or Bi in order to achieve true intimacy in the physical aspects of a relationship.

For men who think that they are the ones who “pick up women”.

For men who are phobic enough to not engage in conversations with women about subjects such as the Vagina, etc.

For men who are phobic enough about their manhood that they will not take the lead in a relationship with a woman. (For men who do not know enough or even how to take the lead in a relationship in the first place.)

For anyone who has cheated or been cheated on and wants to change that behavior.

For women and for men who truly want a relationship as perfect as possible.

For anyone who has been in or does not want to be in an abusive relationship.

For anyone who wants to improve their love (includes sex) life

For men who have never had “A” grade sex in their life (and probably does not even know what that means).

For anyone who loves “Love & Romance” but is afraid to trust it.

For anyone who materially “has it all” (house, business, condo at the beach, plenty money, trophy spouse, cars, etc) but senses that there is still something missing from your life….Something that you can’t quite put your finger on (pin point).

For anyone who wants their sex life to be fun and therapeutic.

For anyone who relates to what is conveyed here but has not read one specific to you.

Plus, as you learn to see and to utilize your new understanding of the Mammalian Way people become more predictable and tolerable because you will possess a more complete paradigm of “WHY” people behave the way they do, even when they don’t. Especially when that behavior runs contrary to what the social norms and mores of our culture might dictate.

All & all, understanding the Mammalian Way will provide you with a more tangible sense of peace and harmony with yourself and with others…and a silent ability, uniquely human trait that can be used to keep your world a physical & emotionally safer place to live. This is because human instinctive behavior that make up the Mammalian Way is predictable.

I do not encourage comments here. If you wish you may email me I am the only one who reads email sent there.

Copyright (c) Gary James 2009 all rights reserved



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Thursday, May 14th, 2009

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…. Ladies please understand, The brick line is a universal line and will work on any guy, earth wide, between the ages of 12 to 92, whether he’s a buff jock or a pencil necked Geek. It does not matter!….

This repeating segment to my blog will give you the chance to ask me questions that I will provide answers for as well as useful information to help with everyday issues that can arise within most personal or professional relationships. This segment will also give you a chance to vent your emotions or confess your actions if you wish with complete anonymity. Feel free to use me as your sounding board. Especially if there is something stressful on your mind or if the information is juicy enough that you just need to get out.


I recently received a question. The asker, a woman who I will call “Julie”, wishes to remain anonymous. And so it will be. And the question is,

“Why would a guy that shows signs that he likes you suddenly start acting like a jerk”?


This was the entire question. It is a normal one that women often ask me.


Answer: Even though the question is a bit general, my first thought on this is to ask “Julie” if the guy who has shown interest in you has read any dating books? I ask this because one of the things that most dating books teach guys to do is, “Act like a jerk around a woman he’s interested in” because this is the way to win over a woman’s amorous charms.

The fact is every once in awhile, that blind advice by dating authors is correct. I say blind advice because most dating book authors admit they do not really know why in certain situations a guy acting like a jerk will increase a woman’s interest in the him.


I am also quite certain that this is because most personal relationship advisors that includes dating book authors, have never been introduced to the greater understanding of the instinctive behavior that is at the core of why such a ridiculous maneuver as acting like a jerk around a woman that a man is interested in even works once in awhile in the first place.


However, once you do understand the bigger picture (which you can learn from me of course) you will very quickly see that there are far better ways to reach for a woman’s attention.


In the situation with my anonymous reader Julie I do not know if she likes the guy who is acting like a jerk or if his jerkiness has actually raised her interest in him.

If Julie could have given me a few more details I might be able to provide you with even deeper insight. Meanwhile Julie, if you like the guy I have a generic suggestion that you might try.


Approach him with a compliment unrelated to the jerkiness such as, “Excuse me Guy, I’ve been meaning to ask you a question.” Then touch him gently on the arm where the Tri & Bicep connect to the shoulder then ask, “I was wondering, are you carrying bricks under that shirt”?


Now Julie,…. I know what you’re thinking…… “How am I going to ask a man I barely know such a question AND keep a straight face too”? Or something like that, right? …..Julie….please understand, The brick line is a universal line and will work on any guy, earth wide, between the ages of 12 to 92, whether he’s a buff jock or a pencil necked Geek. It does not matter! (LADIES: FYI, in my up coming book, “The Perfect Relationship” I explain why such a line works so well. Most people initially see it as, “feeding his ego”. NOPE! That’s not it. Ego is a mere surface issue with guys,…like a little dirt on your Jimmy Choos! The “brick” line plays into something much, much deeper in a man.)


Meanwhile, you can ignore my suggestion if you like,…. No problemo. However, if you can pull off that question with a straight face and a sincere voice intonation it can facilitate quite a number of things all at once. 1) Guy’s jerkiness will immediately be at least temporarily reduced to near zero. 2) That line will likely begin a conversation between the two of you. Whereby, he speaks directly with you as opposed to speaking with your breasts, for example. 3) It could very well seed the establishing of you as Queen Bee in his love life, so long as that is what you want.


If he turns out to be more of a keeper than a loser, then you can bother to address the jerkiness thing some time later. You can always write me and I will help you.


Also, please keep on the watch for the release of my book, “The Perfect Relationship, Secrets of How to Find, Build, and Keep it”!


Until then you can learn more about the bigger picture of instinctive human behavior in all personal or business relationships by reading this blog. It will give you a “Leg up on the Bunny” of everyday life.


Best to you,


Copyright Gary James ã 2009 all rights reserved.






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