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CV JUJUA woman’s risk of becoming a Captured Vagina (CV) status (or its related cousin called Conquered Vagina (CON-V)) while in a Personal Relationship (PR) with a man, boils down to the silent influencer and the lowest common denominator for all emotional-psychological manifestations of both genders in personal relationships (PR’s) called, The Mammalian Way™* (TMW). [TMW is a force of nature that plays a role in the social behavior between men & women in a Personal Relationship (PR) where sex is also a factor or can become a possibility no matter how remote, for either person in the PR…]*

Without the direction of how TMW functions, initially, we humans tend to use our Cognitive Capacity (CC) to discount the influence TMW has over PR’s at the instinctive level of life. You are now beginning to learn that over many millennium human beings (women more so than men) have paid a very dear price for this lack of knowledge…**.This is one reason why my focus is on how TMW can affect women who have, or want to have a quality PR with a male. Another good reason to focus on women’s needs is the fact that it is the woman who picks the man for a PR.  

With that in mind there are numerous issues, sub issues, and consequences** that can be discussed about how TMW silently influences human social behavior between the genders. For the sake of brevity in a blog-post venue, I will share in this post one of the more compelling scenarios that women are prone to do and to repeat if they do not know how TMW functions.

It is a two-fold issue that also carries a very high-risk consequence of you becoming a Captured Vagina (CV).  


With the possible exception of the so-called unexplainable attraction that a woman has for a particular man, most heterosexual women past the age of puberty when they get involved in a PR with a man will…

1) Likely tend to ignore or suppress your social-survival instincts as they attempt to communicate with you.

 2) You will most often erroneously think you can change a man. Whereby, the thinking you do and the subsequent actions you take with regard to changing a man’s behavior in a PR is a cognitive notion. Such notions of the mind, no matter how well intended are merely guessing when measured against how a man actually reacts to you instinctively. The notion of changing a man (or a woman) to suit your cognitive perceptions of him or the PR you have with him will just as often reveal how woefully inaccurate the judgment put forth by the human brain’s Cognitive Capacity (CC) can become in light of the reality that people do not change. Rather, they emerge.

Fortunately, when you understand this distinction in human behavior it will allow for the ordinary emergence & functioning of TMW instincts into human social interaction even though you tend to suppress*it. This function is necessary because your social-survival instincts are directly attached to Survival of the Species (SOS). Such a close attachment to the most primal motivation for all living creatures is the basis for what creates TMW bond.

Included in this bond are such elements as, scent, touch, taste, sound sleep, sexual attraction, and the place where love attaches itself to in order to grow, etc. These and more all go into forming TMW bond that without which YOUR SOCIAL-SURVIVAL INSTINCTS WILL NOT PERCEIVE THE EXISTENCE OF A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM…of course this can represent an extreme danger to nearly all PR’s right from the beginning because beyond sexual attraction most people do not recognize the bonding process or they use their CC to interfere with TMW bond being formed… and that's bad for the PR to say the least…

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Meanwhile, the close connection to SOS is the chief reason why TMW’s influence simply cannot be ignored without consequence(s).  Once you digest my work, you will see that TMW is a closed system, perfectly suited for humans to balance their Cognitive abilities with their instinctive inheritance for the sake of SOS. From this emerges;

 A) Humans as the dominate species for all of earth’s creatures and

B) The ability to gain genuine equality between the human genders by instinctively as well as cognitively knowing how to care for each other’s needs. (If/when your emotional-psychological needs are being cared for it also substantially reduces the risk of becoming a CV)**

On the other hand, it is misunderstanding TMW’s instinctive influence over a PR that is the chief reason why a woman’s efforts to influence a man’s behavior from a predominantly Cognitive perspective in a PR (and suppressing the instincts) usually fails miserably.

A perfect example of how such a scenario can play out in everyday life is embodied in the question.  “How many former couples do you know of that started out claiming to be soul-mates (or the likes) who might even get married, then a few months or a few years later they cannot stand to look at each other or even be in the same room?”

When this or a similar scenario occurs in your life, rest assured that no instinctive mammal bond has formed (Remember: Sexual attraction is only one aspect of a complete mammal bond). Along with this lack of a mammal bond comes a powerful sense that you are/were little more than a CV for him even though you might not be familiar with the term, Captured Vagina*…  


CV BOWLWhy such a scenario that easily leads to you becoming a CV in his life can occur in such abundance is because you fall for your own cognitive illusion of a man and/or the illusion that he can be "changed". You might even tell yourself that you don’t want to change him. This is another cognitive fallacy because your instincts MUST connect to his in order to form TMW bond that facilitates the emergence of his honor instinct into your PR. Most often the bonding process initially FEELS like he’s changing when he’s simply emerging the particular instinctive qualities already inside him that your instinctive emotional needs require and see in him, that as they emerge solidifies the part of a PR that makes YOU feel safe AND special… …

PLUS, if you have ignored or suppressed your instincts (or you have not been taught nature's process to assimilate them into a relationship) then there is likely NO mammal bond forming and without that bond then your own instincts will eventually reject him as THE ONE regardless of what your CC can conjure up in your imagination.

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His instincts silently rejecting you (and your instincts silently rejecting him) is what typically causes most PR’s to erode into oblivion long before the actual-tangible troubles emerge between you…

Meanwhile, by the time your CC and your instincts catch up to the fact your soul mate is disintegrating from the inside out most men are already astute at relying on their innate coping mechanism called, Perversions of Honor™ (POH) in Men.* The POH in men is the male counterpart to the Pendulum Swing of Insecurity™ (PSOI) in women.* It’s where all of his emotions lay. 

However (and here’s the bad part) because of the increasingly Imperfectly Safe World (ISW) environment that humans currently live in, most men in a PR with a woman are prone to use their POH coping mechanism to deceive women (as well as himself) into "believing" that he IS/CAN BECOME what she wants him to become. ….

He generally behaves in this deplorable manner almost unconsciously for the sake of his own ego(tism) as opposed to his honor. He is essentially able to pass on ego(tism) as though it were honor and temporarily gets your instincts to BUY IT because there’s one congruent element between men’s ego(tism) {False Honor} and his actual honor instinct that your instincts also recognize, namely, the Hunter-Gatherer (HG)***  element.

In my next blog-post on the subject of a woman becoming a CV, I will explain the perverted process that deceives women into becoming a Captured Vagina of her own free will…

Gary James

*[See the books and audios for further information.]


 **[See the post on this blog regarding the “Cornucopia of Confusion” for a partial explanation of the consequences.]


 ***[I have released an audio called Honor Vs Ego(tism) in Men that more fully explains what a woman can do to identify ego from honor in a man’s social behavior and what can be done about it to avoid becoming a CV. I highly recommend all heterosexual women past puberty listen to it.]

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