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lasso vaginaHilary Clinton, Maria Shriver, Sandra Bullock, Eva Longoria, Elin Nordegren, Katy Perry, Demi Moore, Jenny Sanford, Adele, etc. are all examples of women who became a Captured Vagina (CV) Conquered Vagina (CON-V) or both, within the Personal Relationship (PR) they had with the “man in their life” at the time.

The women I mention in the paragraph above are/were at one point or another reasonably famous. I use their stories as examples of empowered women who became a CV within their PR because their stories are relatively easy for you to research on the internet. You will find in each instance, she’s in a PR that appears to be healthy and doing fine, perhaps even with a tone of a fairytale relationship with THE ONE or a soul-mate…  Only to find suddenly that the relationship was little more than fodder for her to have become a captured vagina… All of these women mentioned were in fact a CV within a PR that for practical purposes from its inception did not really exist as her perceptions saw the relationship…  

CV JUJU Meanwhile, regardless of your socio-economic status, heterosexual women tend to be attracted to what you personally perceive in a man as his power. Such attraction can greatly influence (positive or negative) your social behavior because it emanates from the built in (instinctive-cognitive) coping mechanism called, Pendulum Swing of Insecurity (PSOI)*. The attraction toward a man’s power is the same physiological need for security you might have for sex & romance that sweeps through your life’s Personal Relationships (PR) like a pendulum; always moving but barely a place to ever set down all the insecurity at one time. Your uncanny need for security is also a woman’s birthright to rule over the social behavior between the genders as matriarch (just like the other female creatures who’s species fall within the categories of animal/mammal).

None the less, a place to set down all your insecurity and the right to rule the PR’s in your life almost never happen to a woman in a PR because the premise for the emotional-psychological benefits to permeate your PR’s was likely carved from your life by some guy (or guys) on or around the time you completed puberty.

Gary at 6In other words, the reason that so many 21st century women (including you) are prone to becoming a Captured Vagina is because MEN knowingly (cognitively) or unknowingly (instinctively) through the course of a PR set it up that way. They leave you with little choice than to put yourself in a position within a PR to risk becoming a CV at HIS leisure from the relationship’s inception…

The question is, *what can be done to avert or abate being at risk in the first place? *What can be done to avoid your life being blindsided by a PR that had NO mammal connection beyond Sex (if that) with him? For those answers and more please be on the lookout for the release of my new book that shares with you what to do. In the meantime, if you have questions email me at


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