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The following review was written and sent to me by a woman who has learned to apply The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) in her everyday life and she says it has made her "blissfully happy"

Once you implement The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) into your daily life, you will be able to recognize it everywhere. TMW states that there are three instincts in people, sex and honor in men and sex and safety in woman. 

Most every woman that reads Fifty Shades of Grey would love to have that kind of relationship. Whether it includes BDSM or just plain old vanilla, woman want a Christian Grey in their bed. A man that will make them feel safe, a man they are bonded to at the molecular level, a man that makes them feel desired… A dominate man with a gentle touch.

Men may think that they cannot compete with a billionaire, sexy, fictional character but they most definitely can. It does not matter if you look like Channing Tatum or Danny DeVito, it does not matter who makes the most money. What matters is if the man has the ability to take the lead in a relationship and can make her feel safe, loved and special.

Just like Ana & Christian, when you met “THE ONE” you just know it. With Christian, it took a little longer because his cognitive capacity (CC) kept trying to overrule his instincts. In the first book, Christian suffers from Perversions of Honor™ (POH) in Men. Ana is able to prompt his honor drive but because of his CC he slips right back into POH. It is not until Ana leaves him that he begins to trust his instincts more than his brain. Just like with all men, they will fall right back into POH, if the woman in their life does not continue to jump-start their honor drives.

Since Ana has never been in a relationship before Christian, she never had to deal with her Pendulum Swing of Insecurity™ (PSOI) in Women. It makes her a bit emotionally unstable at first. When Christian is not suffering from POH, he is able to calm down the swing. Until she meets Christian she is an unfulfilled empowered woman (UEW), she trusted on her instincts not to date men like Jose and Paul because she knows they are not THE ONE.

Christian is the epitome of an alpha male but women give men their identity within a personal relationship… and that is exactly what Ana does for Christian. Christian’s past relationships have almost all been contractual, except for “Mrs. Robinson”.  His relationship with Ana is his first romantic relationship that develops outside the “red room of pain”.

Ana does not change Christian, people cannot change. We are who we are, just as with alcoholics they may be clean and sober but will always be alcoholics. What Ana does is encourages honorable behavior from Christian and gives him the identity of a boyfriend instead of a dom. Christian will always be fifty shades but is able to emerge into a more romantic, less controlling and more open minded person.

In the first two Fifty Shades books, we see how the meshing process works and how mammalian bonds are formed.  If you know how TMW operates you will be able to see how love grows and attaches itself to the mammalian bond and makes it practically unbreakable.

Christian saw the Imperfectly Safe World (ISW) that we live in and always tried to keep Ana as safe as possible. He tried (and failed) to provide her with a Perfectly Safe World (PSW)

Ana and Christian are far from perfect but to most of the people that read the Fifty Shades books, they are the quintessential ideal couple. Fifty shades may help people see what they want out of a relationship but The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) helps us to be able to recognize and keep THE ONE.


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