Hello, the term Paveginnias™ is from ancient latin. Loosley translated it means "Journey into the world of Sex, Love, & Romance."

The artist rendering presented here that looks like a cross between a pornographic image bordering on beastuality and a georgia o'keeffe vagina-flower painting …. was drafted by a woman who I asked to take the words I often use to describe the force of nature I discovered called The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) and turn my words into an image.

TMW is a powerful influence that motivates most of the behavior that happens bewteen the genders whenever Girl Meets Guy….. and such motivation is because from puberty to grave, nature's Girl Meets Guy process is very precise and goes to the core of the animal instincts that permeate human existence… Namely, SURVIVAL OF THE SPECIES…. More to come…Meanwhile, click on the Paveginnias Medallion image and take a taste test designed to "wet your whistle" for the upcoming dramedy…… Remember, it's just a taste test of the title and the moaning, sighing, screaming, and discussion that often takes place between a woman & man behind closed doors.