"if you find yourself suffering from one of the psychological issues described here or one that might be similar I promise I can help you recover."

I recently saw a TV documentary about people who think they have issues with sex and who were all participating in group therapy. Out of about a dozen people who participated in the group there were six situations that were most discussed. There was;

A man who “trolled” on line to meet women for sex and wanted to stop that behavior but needed help.

A woman who claimed she was a “non-monogamous” person and wanted to change but needed help.

A woman who loved rough sex and had a strong attraction for the bad guys but wanted to stop because domestic abuse was becoming an ever increasing issue with her.

A woman who is 30 something years old and still a virgin.

A man who was a sex addict and constantly cheats on his girl friend and wanted to stop cheating but needed help.

A man who is afraid of sex.

Here is my reaction; All of the issues described here have some sort of connection to how The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) functions inside of every human being when YOU are ignorant of how TMW actually functions.

As I watched the documentary I could tell right away that none of the people who participated knew anything about my work and that includes the therapist.

He used a combination of therapies including, one on one with each participant along with a measure of group therapy to try and help each of the participants to achieve their goal. In the end we were all left with a sense of “wait & see” if any or all of the participants could claim recovery.

As for me, it’s not that small groups in therapy cannot work it’s more a matter of group therapy when it comes to issues related to The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) simply do not work because of the way it’s administered in our culture. And this is because the real issue never seems to be addressed. It’s always the symptoms not the root reason for the behavior that is addressed. And that’s because no one until me has been able to isolate the fact that there is a root reason for most of the social woes that plague the human condition.

And that’s a shame and why there are soooooo many people who think therapy does not work.

So here is my offer; if you find yourself suffering from one of the psychological issues described here or one that might be similar I promise I can help you recover. You can begin by using self-help therapy by reading my first book. OR, if you need help right away I will throw in the book for free if you register for a phone session with me.

Best to you always,

Gary James

David Petraeus – Paula Broadwell, Holly & Scott, bit in the crouch by The Mammalian Way

“The greatest source of support, wise counsel, and love that any soldier could have.” This quote from David Petraeus about his wife Holly, and who resigned his position as director of the CIA over an extra marital affair with biographer Paula Broadwell is a perfect example of women (in particularly wives) who get bit in the crouch and the heart by a lack of understanding of HOW a force of nature called The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) functions within each gender. And that lack of understanding goes for David, Paula, and Scott as well.

What’s more David Petraeus probably meant every word of that quote. BUT, in saying those words he was responding through his Cognitive Capacity (CC) that emanates from his brain’s power of reason and not his actual honor instinct. The chief reason men cheat on their wives is because all heterosexual human males are prone to a psychological defense mechanism that manifests out of their own powerful sense of honor called Perversions of Honor™ in Men (POH).

Paula on the other hand started out her affiliation with David as a Professional endeavor where a woman’s need for security in a personal relationship has far less of an impact on her social behavior.

BUT, women respond to what they perceive is a man’s power and if a woman is too close to a man of power for too long of a time her CC can allow her personal relationship psychological defense mechanism called the Pendulum Swing of Insecurity™ in Women (PSOI) to engage and this can easily cause her to feel the satisfying effects of a man being honored by her personal behavior toward him such that he takes the lead in personal matters related to her life.


This can also easily cause her need for security instincts to reach out and connect with his. The end result is almost always an affair that includes lots of sex……

The Petreaus/Broadwell affair is the epitome of a man’s POH reaching out for a woman’s PSOI to the point they will succumb to their instinctive needs to Find The One and engage the process to procreate (one of our most powerful animal survival instincts) even though they are already married.

Whereby, the actual survival of the species social instincts inside of Petraeus and Broadwell that do not “know” what marriage is because it’s cognitive, have likely already denied their respective spouses as THE ONE.




Meanwhile, cognitively speaking Petreaus & broadwell may still claim that Holly and Scott are still THE ONE. However, when the TMW instincts deny your chosen one because of lack of behavior by either them or you that is not in league with how THEY function they WILL always reject your cognitive decisions…. Period.

When that happens coupled with the close proximity of their ongoing interaction the POH and the PSOI defense mechanisms that are creations of the brain’s cognitive capacity will fail to stave off the pressure placed upon a human by their own instincts. 

 If you read my book and listen to the segment of my audio series titled Honor vs Ego(tism) in men you will clearly see what to do and how to avoid or abate something like this from happening to you, because I assure that;

  1. Men are prone to POH and women are prone to PSOI in their personal relationships.
  2. Men are getting increasingly worse in their overall treatment of women and it cannot be fixed at the macro level of life. It can only be fixed on a 1 on 1 basis and then only if you know how TMW force of nature functions and how to apply it in your everyday life

The affair between Petraeus & Broadwell was avoidable. But it has nothing to do with what they think, say, vow, or believe. They lost the battle at the animal/mammal level of life.  And the reason for this is plain & simple ignorance of The Mammalian Way’s existence and/or how it functions.



The thing about The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) force of nature working for a relationship instead of against it… is embodied in the fact that TMW instincts know exactly what they are doing AND, their ability to influence human behavior is what makes living the fairytale practical… that is so long as your ability to think, feel & reason a/k/a cognitivity is in line with TMW's intent. Why?

Because when it comes to relationships TMW set of instincts is a force of nature that is all about survival of the species.  

To that end they drive human nature to procreate with THE ONE and within the parameters of a committed monogamous relationship. This is their intention….and this is what provides the environment necessary within a relationship to live the fairytale.

Meanwhile, this begs the question, "then WHY OH WHY do we have so many failed relationships"? Answer; we misuse our brain’s cognitive capacity (CC) (a/k/a cognitivity) to try to ignore or otherwise mitigate TMW’s intent.

If you were to ask yet another of the women who found & read my book and listened to the audio series the fact that human CC gets in the way of relationship fulfillment becomes that much more evident….

She describes the difference between the feeling of “security, love, & happiness” she now has in her relationship compared to relationship life BEFORE she was reacquainted with her own TMW instincts as the difference between holding on to a potato (now) vs holding on to a potato chip (before)!

As I listened to her lament about how well her man responded to her prompting honorable behavior from him I could personally sense an ocean of relief that emanated from her tone flowing through the phone….

She (let’s call her SF, as in “set free”) is yet another woman who has been set free from the mire of uncertainty about the intentions and feelings of the man she chose for a committed relationship. He on the other hand was able to make SF wet between the legs but had an extremely difficult time expressing his feelings. His ability to express his emotions has since reemerged in HIM because she has reacquainted herself with her own set of TMW instincts…. (The ability of his/her instincts to reconnect along with the precise process that the instincts use to engage a strong mammal connection in humans is all in the book and audio series).

I will not belabor what I have indicated in earlier blog posts…. TMW is the corner stone of ALL human PERSONAL relationships. With a solid mammal connection in place and nurtured, a personal relationship tends to flourish…. Without it, a personal relationship tends to wither…. And LOVE, between those two people either grows or withers in direct correlation to the nature of their mammalian connection. And this never ever changes….

When a strong mammalian connection is present, whatever relationship issues that seem to exist between she & he tend to fade and love tends to grow….. This is the true legacy of my discovery…. It’s an identifiable force of nature… a gift to all humans that as soon as you learn how to re-connect to it (and not try to mitigate it’s intentions) life in your personal relationship(s) tends to get much, much better. In fact, it’s the key to the fairytale becoming a reality…. If you have relationship issues and/or you want to live the fairytale then, Click here to order the book, audio, or to arrange to speak with me directly…

Best Wishes Always……….Gary James

FIND THE ONE despite Perversions of Honor™ in Men: There is a guide

I recently came across a web/bog site called The Zeros Before The One. It’s owned and hosted by two women, Megan Gray and Claudia Maittlen-Harris…. Amongst all of the other things I liked about their site I especially enjoyed the information they share with women in what they call…. The Zeros Field Guide (TZFG). I say this because TZFG is an excellent third party validation for one part of my theory called The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) namely, Perversions Of Honor™ in Men (POH)..

Megan and Claudia define a male Zero as “any guy who wastes your [women’s] time in matters of the heart”. But it’s the various ways a Zero can waste your time that’s interesting and it relates directly to POH in men.

With the exception of the Zero they refer to as the ambiguously gay guy, all heterosexual men can be seen by one or more women as having all of the “zeroishness” traits characterized in TZFG at one point or another in their life. This is because every single one of those “zeroishness” aspects of men’s behavior patterns actually emanate from the exact same root source. It’s a psychological defense mechanism that emerges from one of his two major social instincts… the honor instinct.

Men have a plethora ways for this defense mechanism to emerge as perverted forms of their honor in order to satiate their very deep thirst for honor that I call Perversions of Honor™ (POH) in men. [For more information about POH in men and what can be done to contend with his honor drive read the book The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) and listen to the segment of the audio series titled, Honor vs Egotism in Men.]

In effect, POH provides a man’s honor drive with faux or fake honor (typically manufactured by his brain’s Cognitive Capacity) as a temporary measure in order to quasi satisfy his tremendous need for honor until some genuine honor comes his way.

Every man from; the Zero they characterize as “The Dead Electrician” to the Zero who “wears gold chains and whistles at women from across the street while holding his crotch” those men are demonstrating several examples from the plethora of ways that men’s POH can emerge.

Just read their blog and you can tell that Megan & Claudia have been there-done that…. when it comes to encounters with the perverted sense of honor that men can manufacture from their brain…Those two women deserve not only kudos for their insight and candor about a relatively sensitive subject but they also deserve the Purple Heart.

However, their field guide to Zeros and the overall tone of their web-blog site seems to be aimed at the notion that when a woman meets a man with one or more of the traits that make him a zero, the best way for a woman to handle it is to avoid men with zeroish tendencies. And that’s fine if that’s what you want to do, but that also means that since all heterosexual men are prone to POH they ALL qualify to be avoided at one point or another when you are in a relationship with him..  

Now, before I share this next piece of information I want you to know I am not criticizing Megan Gray and Claudia Maittlen-Harris in any way.

Sigmund “Frigging” Freud and all of the other men who are generally revered as the founders of what is called, Behavioral Social-Psychology MISSED what I discovered because they could not get past their own Penis Prisms (and I can tell by having read their works that Freud and several other of the founders were “sitting” right on top of discovering what I uncovered). So we are not going to criticize Megan & Claudia simply because they have not yet heard of my work.

That said, POH in men is bad enough but what does a woman do when she is in love with a guy who shows zerosihness or other POH tendencies and/or if you are already involved with, about to marry, or even already married to him when you finally “see” his zeroishness tendencies?  What then? Do you really want to become another statistic of the 50% failed marriages? [By the way, I firmly believe that the reason the percentage of failed marriages is not much higher than 50% is because many women compromise their standards to stay in a marriage that they would otherwise dump.] But I digress…

The thing you might not yet be aware of is as soon as you can identify and separate his ego induced behavior (POH) from his honorable behavior and to disassociate yourself from his egotism while prompting his honor drive… every single heterosexual male is so prone to blindly following his honor instinct he WILL respond to a woman’s prompting just like Pavlov’s dog. And the man you see in him will at least begin to emerge or re-emerge….

Meanwhile, if you are in love, married, involved, or want to be involved with a man who demonstrates one or more of the zeroishness tendencies described in TZFG you can easily learn how to prompt the honorable behavior you want to see come from a man by reading my book, as well as listening and applying the information from the segment of my audio series titled, Honor vs Egotism in men

He will not be harmed by what I teach you to do in any way and he will not likely even know he is re-emerging the honorable man that you probably saw in him at the outset of your relationship or initial encounter with him.

In other words, follow my lead and I promise you that the so called War of the sexes that include dealing with men’s plethora of ways to pervert their honor will be over for you and the man you choose for a committed relationship.

Thus far what I teach to each gender has a 100% success rate in producing positive results. This is because I did not invent TMW force of nature and it is not my philosophy. It’s natures gift to all humans and I was diligent enough as a social scientist and I am honored to be the one who discovered how TMW functions inside each gender and how to apply it in our everyday lives…. Meanwhile, pay attention to The Zeros Field Guide. It will help you further apply The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) into your everyday lives. Best wishes to you all…..

Gary James


… At first, using my mammal instincts felt like an arm that had been strapped to my side for years…. But soon The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) instincts freed my mind and my heart and my spirit….and it was way more influential and I feel far happier than I expected…and the relationship issues are fading away….

These are para quotes from a conversation I had with a woman (that I will call, RG) who had been shattered by her divorce… Whereby, she “believed the bastard” when he told her that he was not cheating on her only to eventually find out that not only was he cheating…. he was cheating with four women…. 

But that’s not the story that’s interesting….




When RG met me and read my book, even though the information made sense to her it took her some time to trust me because she said, “Gary you’re a sexually straight man and as you say you have a dick prism that can affect your thinking”…. I had to remind her I did not invent TMW and it is NOT my philosophy… Rather, TMW is a gift from nature to all humans… but you do need to know how it functions…. and that is my expertise because I discovered it.

But that’s not the story that’s interesting either….



What’s interesting is how by merely learning about and reacquainting RG with her own “God given instincts” it opened up the pathway for her true emotional self personality to emerge or rather re-emerge….

As of this post’s publication RG is single again and even though she has kids and they are important to her she has been able to use her TMW instincts to develop a potential long term relationship with TWO different men!

And here is what has transpired thus far….

Man One; started out as only a great sex partner and was basically useless beyond that….






Man Two; started out as a guy who was always “there” for her but was less capable of satisfying her physical needs….

Of course this scenario is a classic example of the type of situation that many single women find themselves in… and frankly, my research turned up that it has actually been that way for a majority of women for thousands of years…. And the culprit that causes that scenario is when you do not know how TMW instincts truly function….

Meanwhile, after RG read my book and asked a few initial questions and even spent money and time with me (via text, phone, and email) I gave RG a copy of my audio titled, Honor Vs Egotism in men (which has not been released yet).

Between the information in the book and that particular audio RG learned how to TRUST her own INSTINCTIVE judgment and also learned how to prompt genuinely honorable behavior out of any man that she chooses (so long as he has any interest in her).

And here are the results thus far;

RG told me that she did not know that Man One even had a tool box let alone how to use the tools inside it so she was “surprised and impressed” with his “unsolicited visits” where he went around and “fixed” as many things in her house as he could.

It became obvious to RG that he was behaving as a chivalrous man in that he was taking care of her without being asked or required to in exchange for sex…and it made her feel good about herself… Meanwhile,

Man Two, who she described as a “genuinely kind geek” came to her house to show off his “stylish hair cut” so he would “look more presentable” when they went out…. And then she said, “Gary, I think he must have read your book because he is using some of the experiences you share that happened to you and other men while in the bed room with a woman, with me when we are in bed!” In other words, Man Two has worked on behaving as a better, more romantic lover on top of being emotionally “there” for RG.


Both Man One & Two are doing what pleases RG of their own volition. All she has done is learn from me how to properly prompt a man’s honor instinct (as opposed to his Ego[tism]) and then apply it in the normal course of developing a relationship….

And ladies, I could tell by the tone of RG’s voice that she is genuinely excited about her life again…

And instead of her worrying about such Bull Crap as, “will he call? Or “why can’t I find one guy that measures up on both sides of my Pendulum Swing Of Insecurity™ (PSOI)” or be in a relationship where she needs to clandestinely compromise her standards and suppress mammal instincts in order to have a committed relationship with a man, she is now capable of enjoying BOTH her physical and emotional needs being met by a man at the mammalian level of life…. The place where LOVE grows and relationships flourish…

It's the way nature intended for animal-mammals like humans to behave whenever Girl Meets Guy…..

I suggest you read my first book titled, The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) (currently available on digital download only) and listen to the audio series… The first installment titled, Honor Vs Egotism in men is soon to be released. HOWEVER, if you order the book NOW…. I will send you the audio as a pre release special for no extra cost… It comes as an MP3 download….. If you have a Kindle you can obtain a copy of the book from Amazon by clicking here… or a digital download direct from TMW web site…

Plus, if you own the book or any of my other products you can contact me for an initial consultation as a part of owning any one of my products.

You can also retain me for a consultation and I will send you the book as a part of the consultation. If you are even thinking about it I suggest that you do that now because as soon as I release the first installment of the audio series my rates that have been reduced by 90% will go back to their regular level. Best to you,

Gary James








Of all the people of any time of life THEY are the ones who REALLY NEED the knowledge of The Mammalian Way™(TMW)…. Why? Because it is the pinnacle moment when the force of nature known as The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) affects their lives and their future the most……

FYI, I did not invent TMW. It is a force of nature and a gift to all humans. And even though it has been a powerful influence on our social behavior whenever Girl Meets Guy for as long as humans have called themselves civilized, many people are not aware it exists just yet and it remained undiscovered until my work came along.

Why should you care? Because TMW not only influences your behavior BUT it deeply affects the grooms behavior too. Only he does not talk about it…. and you might end up being blindsided by a very different man AFTER the wedding… AND many times the men who dramatically change on you do not even understand what the issue is….

Now I know you're in love with the groom and you might not want to hear this during your wedding plans but please indulge me to be frank with you… If you want a genuine chance at living the Fairytale Marriage then I highly suggest you read my introductory book titled, The Mammalian Way™.     

AND, I am also about to release the first installment of an audio series that explains what to do about the various relationship issues that sooner or later come up in a marriage or any committed relationship. In other words, you will not only get what the issues are but WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT AND WHAT HIS BEHAVIOR MEANS…

The first installment is titled, Honor Vs Egotism in Men and it is an ear full of useful information about how to manage living the Fairytale Marriage. It will be available soon as an audio download. However, if you purchase a digital download of the book NOW (which you will need as a point of reference anyway) I will send you a pre-release copy of the audio at no charge….. THIS OFFER IS ONLY GOOD FOR BRIDES…

Very Best Wishes….. Gary James





Gentlemen: THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUE ALPHA MALE TRAIT:  That is, DOES SHE (the woman you sleep with or want to) PERCEIVE YOUR BEHAVIOR TOWARD HER AS POWERFUL in that it makes her feel safer? If so, then HER INSTINCTS will “see” you as an alpha male…. If not, then her instincts WILL reject you. This is the key to the social norm known as “A Man’s World”….  In other words, it's Still A Man's World…. because HER INSTINCTS say so… and that never changes….

I am starting a new audio series titled, It's Still A Man's World….. For Men Only

I am doing so because men have responded to my book,

The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) and this blog in much greater numbers than I first expected…

However, women might also find it interesting because it will give you a perspective on what I say to and how I communicate with other heterosexual men….  




The audio is about what to do to make sure you are mostly dealing with his honor instinct that in turn opens the way for the Fairytale to become a reality…. 

Attention Ladies: The principal recording for the first of the audio series is complete. I am now preparing it for distribution.

Titled Honor Vs Egotism in Men, I am positive it is the most important audio of the series. Why? Because the information crosses over into most of the other categories AND it goes to the heart of why women suffer being in a relationship where she does not know if or how to trust the guy she’s involved with.

All heterosexual men are prone to having enormous egos that can pass as honor. The line between the two, honor vs egotism is very small but the difference to a woman’s life in a relationship with a man is tremendous. If you are involved with a man who’s instinct for honor takes precedent over his egotism within his relationship with you then you have a strong mammalian connection with him and the Fairytale aspect of your relationship with him can certainly become a reality.

However, if you are directly or indirectly dealing with his egotism then no matter how great the sex is, or how much you love him (for example) the relationship has no chance for long term survival.

The audio is about what to do to make sure you are mostly dealing with his honor instinct that in turn opens the way for the Fairytale to become a reality….  

The importance of your understanding Honor Vs Egotism in men is simple. Women pick men for a personal relationship, men do not pick women AND men derive their truest identity in a relationship from Y-O-U… And that never changes.

Meanwhile, men are slaves to their animal-mammal instincts and the instinctive honorable behavior that women want to see in a man is already in him and it just needs to be prompted out.

So keep on the lookout for the release date… get your copy, be informed, and insure the Fairytale becomes a reality…


There’s a big “to do” going on in the NFL about the possibility of head trauma injuries such as concussions playing a role in the number of men who commit suicide or engage in some other perverse behavior that causes “premature death” after they retire from playing professional football.

I have no doubt that at least in part this is true. However, the head trauma alone is not the only issue because when a professional athlete retires his powerful sense of honor drive also takes a hit and that can be another issue or it can be a contributory physiological issue associated with the physical trauma….

As it is, once a player retires from football his sense of honor drive can become negatively affected in that in order for him to continue to matter he is prone to the emergence of a coping mechanism akin to all heterosexual males…namely, men’s Perversions of Honor™ (POH).

Who does not know that men harbor deep emotional feelings that affect their behavior but they will not let it show because men think that anything related to emotions is a weakness…. But the larger reality is such a position is a cognitive thing and not of nature…. and it is a phobia that men have in order for them to think that emotion is synonymous with weakness.

Meanwhile, who does not know that when men finally show emotion they really let it show…. Just talk to the other men who knew Junior Seau… you’ll see plenty of emotion emerging from those men…. Too bad it’s too late….

My book and blog are in part about how men’s mammal instincts drive them to be the truest male mammal they can be…. but a man’s cognitive capacity (CC) (a/k/a his power of reason) tries to interfere with his own instincts intent…and he allows his CC to mitigate his mammal instincts to a fault…This fault is what I refer to as men’s Perversions of Honor™ (POH)… and this one grossly over looked coping mechanism is perhaps the single biggest reason why our culture is plagued with so many social woes including; men becoming sociopaths, pedophiles, bullying, and other forms of domestic abuse as well as men committing suicide when they do not “see” where they any longer matter….. There is a plethora of ways for POH to emerge in men…. Some are benign… some are not so benign..

I implore you to learn as much as you can about Perversions of Honor™ (POH) as it relates to nature’s gift to human kind called, The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) of things because learning how to properly utilize POH as the coping mechanism it is can only be addressed at the one on one level of life…. And that begins with making yourself aware. Do it before it's too late!

If you have questions feel free to contact me.





[Unless you read my book you might not understand this article. Go to www.themammalianway.com to obtain a copy]

It is obvious at a glance that John Edwards likes women who are “emotionally needy” or right on the border of it in their personal relationships with men…. this can cause a woman to quickly fall in love and usually with a man who is very wrong for her life. The lives of Elizabeth Edwards and Rielle Hunter exude such a state…

However, it can actually be an excellent mammalian fit… He gets honored by her and then some…. while she gets a sense of security by being with a man of action… (BTW, he does not need to be a celebrity, a politician, or the likes. He just needs to convey a sense of power….. according to “her” perceptions of it…)



Beyond their emotional neediness…the other thing is, Elizabeth was and Rielle is a Purely Mammalian Woman… Insensitive A-Hole men are well advised to avoid such women IF you do not know what the “F” you’re doing with them because gentlemen, a Purely Mammalian Woman can bring you down fast and make it YOUR idea… even if you didn't cheat…

John Edwards evidently does not know anything about The Mammalian Way™ (TMW). And that’s too bad because he strikes me as an intelligent man who just never bothered to truly pay attention to women enough in order to learn how women instinctively behave when Girl Meets Guy

If he had such knowledge he would not be in the emotional state of Double Dis (no sex and no honor to mention) that he is in right now. 


The situation between Rielle & John is a classic example of what can happen in the early stages of any heterosexual Girl Meets Guy encounter.

She picked him and told him as much… She saw him as he walked around the corner of a building and was immediately attracted to him to the point that she said to him…. “You’re Hot!”

He was honored by her to the point that he not only had sex with her but he took her inside his covenant and risked everything to be with her…. [This is what tells me that John was NOT getting any unmitigated sex or honor (attention) from Elizabeth. If he had, Rielle might not have got him into bed let alone into his life….]

Meanwhile, under the circumstances that existed then, she opened up to him "like no other" and basically gave him her treasures

This honored him even more and so he made even deeper commitments.

Now we have a classic example of the A-B Roll meshing of a man’s honor with a woman’s need for safety… This is what caused the mammalian connection between them. A mammal connection can become strong enough to even supersede love because it IS the place where love attaches itself deep down inside of a human being in order for love to grow….

NOW, if they are/were able to nurture the mammalian connection between them they might be able to stay together indefinitely but as it is now even with Quinn I doubt they will stay together because they both will likely use their Cognitive Capacity to interfere with TMW instincts and this will cause the instincts to reject the other as NOT THE ONE! Eventually their love will fade and the mammal connection will wither for lack of nurturing and they will split up…. As far as Quinn…. Who knows?

Best to you, Gary James author of The Mammalian Way



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