…Most every woman wants the Fairytale wedding and the Fairytale marriage that follows…

Now guess what? The Fairytale marriage IS possible. Since I discovered The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) I have developed a reliable process to help couples create, maintain, or rejuvenate an environment that vastly improves the likelyhood of the Fairytale marriage becoming a reality…

Meanwhile, if you are married… or if you are contemplating marriage and you do not know how The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) instincts function then your chances of fairytale marriage survival in a wolrd that forces you to face increasingly worse conditions for any personal relationship to survive are much less than they would be when you know how TMW functions….

See the issue is not love….. Love does indeed conquer all… BUT, if love does not have a place to grow and be nurtured then love WILL fade and with it so will the fairytale marriage… (How many people do you know or know of whos marriages started out with the two of them so much in love that when you saw them together you just knew that they were deeply in love, only to discover a relatively short time later….that same couple had split up?) And this scenario is not an occassional thing it's become a routine thing….

The underlying issue is…. the place where a couple in love can continually rejuvenate their love by INSTINCTIVELY caring for each others needs was never allowed to take root between them… And that place IS the mammalian connection. It is not my invention. Rather it is a gift from nature to all humans only most humans do not know it exists. Amazibgly, this force of nature has been a huge influence in human personal relationships since civilization began… yet it remained undiscovered until my work came along…  and it is the veritable key to fairytale marriage survival where you are happy & have few relationship issues….

Yes, even though love is received and otherwise conveyed through the heart, it's the deep down mammal to mammal connection process that you make with THE ONE that is the actual place where love attaches itself to in order for love to grow… TMW instinctive connection is made manifest where the body and the spirit come together to make you into a living soul…..







My discovery of The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) provides tangible anwers to questions such as, "Why do so many people who are deeply in love get married only to find that a relatively short time latter the so called irreconcilable differences between them seems so overwhelming that their LOVE fades and they cannot stand to even look at each other?" 





The fact is, Love may conquer all but it's the mammal connection between two people that when nurtured provides love with the fertile ground in order for love to grow…. About this I am certain…. Meanwhile, if you are about to get married or if your marriage is in jeopardy then I suggest you begin NOW to educate yourself about the lowest common denominator in all heterosexual relationships…. namely, The Mammalian Way™ (TMW)… Read the book…. listen to the audio series… contact me with your questions…. Do so before it's too late to make your fairytale a genuine reality….