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Gentlemen: THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUE ALPHA MALE TRAIT:  That is, DOES SHE (the woman you sleep with or want to) PERCEIVE YOUR BEHAVIOR TOWARD HER AS POWERFUL in that it makes her feel safer? If so, then HER INSTINCTS will “see” you as an alpha male…. If not, then her instincts WILL reject you. This is the key to the social norm known as “A Man’s World”….  In other words, it's Still A Man's World…. because HER INSTINCTS say so… and that never changes….

So guys, what does that mean? It means that what you don’t know about women can “F” with your life…

BTW, I am well aware that men typically behave like they already know everything there is to know about women & relationships that are worth knowing…. OR, they will use the lame excuse that they have “Given up trying to figure her out” as reasons to avoid learning what ironically, can provide them/you with what you seek most from a relationship… Namely, SEX & HONOR…

AND, I am also well aware of the main reasons why men tend to behave contrary to their well being….  But since that is something I share in my audio news series, IT’S STILL A MAN’S WORLD…FOR MEN ONLY … I will not cover that material here…

However, the results of what men’s contrary behavior boils down to is this, the woman in your life that can frustrate you to the point that it motivates you to want to say such things as, “ya just can’t figure out a woman” or, “I’ve given up trying to figure her out”… is because all women have a set of social-animal-instincts that are similar to, but not the same as yours…. And it’s her instincts that DO NOT TRUST YOU…. that’s the real issue to be sure…. Meanwhile, given the fact that most men have no idea The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) force of nature even exists they typically behave toward women in a manner they THINK will work to draw her closer but the thinking often fails because….

It does not matter how much money you spend on her… her instincts do not trust you….

It does not matter if you're engaged, married, or otherwise committed…. her instincts do not trust you…

It does not matter how well you “F#@K” or how many times or ways you have sex with her…. her instincts do not trust you….

It does not matter what you try to do, ask, or say in order to get her to TELL YOU WHAT’S WRONG so you can try to fix it… and the reason your efforts to try to find out never really work and why she can’t explain “what’s wrong” is because the issue does not emerge from her brain. Rather, it emerges from the survival of the species instincts that she like you, acquire at birth, and those sets of instincts congeal as a singular force and spring to life at puberty. it is HER set of instincts that are a part of what I call The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) instincts THAT DO NOT TRUST YOU…. Meanwhile, most men can sense that something is wrong inside her about YOU…. but you can't quite put your finger on it…. And that's because you do not yet understand how TMW instincts function and what your inherent responsibility is toward her and her instincts.

And since I cover what a man can do to make TMW instincts work FOR you in my audio series, IT’S STILL A MAN’S WORLD…FOR MEN ONLY, I will not cover that material here. In this post all I’m doing is telling you with great certainty that if HER behavior toward you confuses you…. it's because HER set of TMW instincts DO NOT TRUST YOU…  

Meanwhile, unless you appeal to her TMW instincts so that SHE DOES trust you, then you WILL NEVER experience genuine loyalty, “A” grade SEX, or HONOR and respect fit for a king from her.

AND, if you are the type of human male that would answer, “to hell with respect I want Pu#@y” or, “well, any sex a man gets is great sex” then I suggest that you whip out your wee-wee, masturbate and/or suck on it awhile. THEN, cut off your cock & balls because you do not need them…. So then, how is it STILL A MAN’S WORLD?

Because all of what I just said about her instincts not trusting you is reversible, avoidable, or fixable…. And, it is far easier than you might be thinking…. Meanwhile, let me finish giving you the facts…

The lack of trust factor I refer to is not the day to day physical trust most women bestow on men and that they utilize as a survival tool in order to “deal” with a man’s behavior motivated by his brain. In part, they use the physical trust consciously and sub consciously as a means to keep themselves safe and to keep you believing your own bull crap. No. The trust factor I’m talking about is the deep down trust that can only come to life with a solid instinctive mammal to mammal connection between the two of you….

When you have and keep a solid mammal to mammal connection with her it prompts her instincts to gradually open up all of the chambers of her heart and mind just like a flower opens up with the dawn of the day…. She will lay her body at your feet and place each treasure of her heart in your hands…

AND you will not need to do anything macho to get it. In fact, if you act like Macho Man she will likely not trust you…. Meanwhile,

It is the instinctive animal-mammal connection that is missing in the vast majority of relationships between women & men earth wide and why even the most loving of relationships are fraught with what seems like “irreconcilable” issues and why they fail at such a prolific rate.

This missing piece that keeps women and men far apart even when they are together not only includes a committed relationship such as marriage or living together it also includes the more frivolous relationships such as “friends with benefits” and the age old “one night stand”

Men are not receiving their inherent birth right from women because women have learned that most men are not worthy, and all of this occurs at the mammalian level of life!

Guys: Women are like chameleons; they are terrific at adaptation and so they have become adept at allowing men to believe that whatever physical satisfaction men can provide to a woman IS your contribution to the relationship, and you need not worry about such things as her emotional needs… And the moment you believe that notion and behave toward her as though you are somehow exempt from paying close attention to her emotional needs or that you have “given up trying” IS the delusion that causes HER instincts NOT TO TRUST YOU.

And there it is; It’s one of the cycles or loops of the her & his instinctive behavior patterns that only serve to reinforce the so called relationship issues between women & men….

NOW, guess who is to blame for the enormous pile of bull crap that has brought our earth wide society of women to inherently distrust men at the bottom line mammalian level of life?


WHAT? How can that be? Aren’t women culprits too? Yes they are or at least they can be…. But not like men. Generally speaking, men have been derelict of their duty toward women that goes with the cock & balls for many millennia and gentlemen, we are living in the era where payday has arrived. How?

Empowered women: They are nothing new. Empowered women have been around as long as civilization. However, what we are facing as men is the fact that earth wide we live in a time where an era of women have been rising up like an army against the oppressive nature of men forcing women to accept subservience to men’s illusion of wielding power over them with no genuine leadership responsibility attached, instead of their willing submissiveness to a man’s GENUINE leadership!

And if you pay attention to my audio news series, IT’S STILL A MAN’S WORLD…FOR MEN ONLY, I will share with you exactly how her willing submissiveness to your genuine honorable leadership is the basis for true personal relationship equality as well as the basis for you to receive from her, “A” grade SEX and Kingly treatment in the form of HONOR and respect …. AND, I will show you exactly how to bring that about on a 1 on 1 basis between YOU and a woman….

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