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Gary at 6This blog primarily reflects my life’s work. That is, I discovered a force of nature given to all humans at birth that explains, “why people behave the way they do, especially whenever Girl meets Guy.” Called The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) there is now an ever-increasing number of people who become students of this birthright. My function in this is to show you how to identify TMW & to use it as a relationship survival tool if nothing else. Thus far, since the completion of my first book every student claims their “quality of life dramatically improves” because in the process of applying TMW into daily life they are able to divest their self of an old paradigm of thinking & behavior that for many millennium, and even now, keeps multitudes of WOMEN in emotional-psychological chains!

I attribute the splendid success TMW project has had thus far to the fact that; 1) The need is great, and 2) I did NOT invent TMW. It is a force of nature that I was able to readily see, functioning in the observable behavior for most species of creatures that biologically qualify as animals or mammals. I identified TMW then I figured out how to share with you how to apply TMW in your everyday life…

Given the education, experience, background, methods, and insight I have been blessed with combined, is what induced me to not adhere to any existing paradigm of how “things” are typically done on the planet earth… As a result, I have paid a price. However, since about age six I have also lived, loved, and worked “outside the box.” [Incidentally, until age 14 when I began to earn “actual money” in show business my parents admitted to me that they were very worried about my well-being.]

This is why I do not necessarily recommend that anyone follow me as a role model. I was extremely fortunate in that the unusual methods I carved for myself have proven to be the most efficient way(s) to have made the useful, viable discoveries I have made to date.

Why am I telling you this? Because along the journey that led me to discover The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) I made another discovery I would like to share with you in brevity…

A brief overview of the Wellness products that saved my life

With respect to helping you (or others) maintain the quality of your physical health, if you suffer from multi-symptoms and your physicians cannot really tell you what is causing them, or they tell you “it’s all in your head” or that “You just have to learn to live with them” then you will likely find the following information useful…

Not so long ago the quality of my health had become decimated with 32 symptoms that came over me within a 3-month period of time. If that were not bad enough I had 5 licensed physicians (all with different specialties) all of which told me that my symptoms were “psychosomatic”…


Fortunately, by the time this series of events occurred in my life I already knew better than to trust authority. Therefore, after much research and reading, the ordeal I went through culminated with me self-diagnosing Candida Albicans over growth as the cause of those 32 symptoms.

Along with that, I no longer place any real trust in physicians. I still go to a physician when I feel I need to but I do not necessarily trust a single word they say. This is because I found out American trained physicians are not well versed in ailments or disorders that are essentially nutritional at their base. Chances are if you are reading this information in earnest, you probably already know this to be true…

Candida overgrowth is one of many ways symptoms and disorders that are essentially Nutritional Based Disorders (NBD) might manifest. Moreover, standard medical practitioners and their testing devices are not trained or calibrated to test for NBD’s. Of course, such factors are what make diagnosing a NBD nearly impossible using standard medical protocols.

Ironically, there were people who promoted books, materials, and products that were at the very least indirectly helpful to me because they revealed the “truth” about NBD’s. Amongst this ad hoc group of people were physicians as well as lay-people-turned “alternative advocate” that were, “tired of their patients, customers, or selves not getting well again using standard medical protocols”. Such information is not well received by the medical community and rightly so because NBD’s “are not the venue for standard medicine.”

Nevertheless, some of the very useful information I gleaned from those who would speak out was; if an ailment has “no known cause or cure” and “Believed to have some sort of autoimmune [deficiency] connection”, that this very general assessment is by far the best way to suspect that the ailment or symptoms in question are or could be “nutritional at their base”.

Some of the ailments and disorders that were considered to have a nutritional connection include; 

ADD/ADHD, rheumatoid arthritis, certain cancers, crohn’s, colitis, Epstein barr, fibromyalgia, asthma, allergies, sinusitis, type 2 diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. and more.

A very important factor to consider and not to be underestimated when assessing a NBD is the fact, there is NO CURE for a nutritional based disorder. From what I’ve read about Nutritional Based Disorders on the internet, one reason for there being no cure for a NBD is, at the nutritional level of life you are in the arena of “God’s Own”, where there is no lower common denominator. For example, the ailment known as Scurvy is one where standard medicine has been able to reason out the cause; namely, a vitamin C deficiency. But vitamin C (which is plentiful in citrus fruits) does not cure scurvy. Rather, it is having adequate amounts of vitamin C in your system that simply avoids or abates the issue of scurvy. Moreover, unless you have adequate amounts of vitamin C in your system you will eventually come down with scurvy.

That is the nature of a Nutritional Based Disorder. Meanwhile, many times a balanced diet is apparently not enough to stave off certain nutritional based symptoms.

The key to recovery is to find supplements that produce positive results for your nutritional based issues and consume them as a routine part of your intake of food.

What brought me back to life where I made a full recovery to the point I could say I was symptom free were three products that are produced with great stewardship for a nutritional supplement distribution company called, Healthy Systems (HS)… They are; Aloe Pure (drinkable Aloe Vera), Proenzyme (advanced formula probiotic) and Complex 50 (A high grade grape seed extract-based antioxidant). 

Over the nearly 20 years that these supplements have been available, there are a number of similar solutions distributed by companies from the world of nutritional supplements that have attempted to compete with the effectiveness of HS triad of products. This begs the question, “who’s stuff is better?”  

Answer: If the quality of your health is NOT being devastated by clusters of symptoms that physicians tell you to “live with” then probably any brand of supplement and regimen will do. But if your quality of life depends on YOUR symptoms fading away, especially where standard medical protocols have proved to be ineffective for you then I humbly suggest you go to  and;

Scroll down to the “CFS System” link. Click on and place an order for the “CFS system”. When you get to the “ship to” part of the order process, on the second address line put the code 00501

Meanwhile, I am intimately familiar with how those products tend to fare inside human physiology so if you have questions feel free to contact me at

Be Well,

Gary James