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Saturday, July 28th, 2012

There’s a big “to do” going on in the NFL about the possibility of head trauma injuries such as concussions playing a role in the number of men who commit suicide or engage in some other perverse behavior that causes “premature death” after they retire from playing professional football.

I have no doubt that at least in part this is true. However, the head trauma alone is not the only issue because when a professional athlete retires his powerful sense of honor drive also takes a hit and that can be another issue or it can be a contributory physiological issue associated with the physical trauma….

As it is, once a player retires from football his sense of honor drive can become negatively affected in that in order for him to continue to matter he is prone to the emergence of a coping mechanism akin to all heterosexual males…namely, men’s Perversions of Honor™ (POH).

Who does not know that men harbor deep emotional feelings that affect their behavior but they will not let it show because men think that anything related to emotions is a weakness…. But the larger reality is such a position is a cognitive thing and not of nature…. and it is a phobia that men have in order for them to think that emotion is synonymous with weakness.

Meanwhile, who does not know that when men finally show emotion they really let it show…. Just talk to the other men who knew Junior Seau… you’ll see plenty of emotion emerging from those men…. Too bad it’s too late….

My book and blog are in part about how men’s mammal instincts drive them to be the truest male mammal they can be…. but a man’s cognitive capacity (CC) (a/k/a his power of reason) tries to interfere with his own instincts intent…and he allows his CC to mitigate his mammal instincts to a fault…This fault is what I refer to as men’s Perversions of Honor™ (POH)… and this one grossly over looked coping mechanism is perhaps the single biggest reason why our culture is plagued with so many social woes including; men becoming sociopaths, pedophiles, bullying, and other forms of domestic abuse as well as men committing suicide when they do not “see” where they any longer matter….. There is a plethora of ways for POH to emerge in men…. Some are benign… some are not so benign..

I implore you to learn as much as you can about Perversions of Honor™ (POH) as it relates to nature’s gift to human kind called, The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) of things because learning how to properly utilize POH as the coping mechanism it is can only be addressed at the one on one level of life…. And that begins with making yourself aware. Do it before it's too late!

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Perversions of Honor™ in Men Can Cause Great Pain for Many

Monday, May 7th, 2012

…I maintain that the POH in men is at the root of why our culture faces many of the social woes we do….

[In order for you to grasp a useful understanding of the information presented here you need to have read or have available the book titled, The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) as a reference guide.]

All heterosexual males are prone to Perversions of Honor™ (POH). It’s a coping mechanism that automatically emerges out of it’s parent force of nature called The Mammalian Way™ (TMW). [TMW is made up of three existing mammal instincts given to humans at birth and beginning at puberty they congeal into a singular force of nature when Girl meets Guy. Their main function is to help underwrite survival of the species by making sure that female mammals seek out worthy male mammals for the purpose of mating…. Men naturally “seeing” women as sex objects first and women who can become radically insecure when they finally “see” a male they deem worthy are two examples of TMW at work upon human social behavior.] Meanwhile,

POH in men can emerge in quite a number of ways as a temporary faux solution (fake honor) when genuine honor is unavailable. However, too much POH can and will eventually corrupt the honor drive when it is used as an overall replacement to men receiving enough genuine honor.

Junior Seau and many others like him committed suicide and many people think that it’s because of the potential damage done to the brain as a result of the frequent head trauma associated with football. From what I’ve read I believe head trauma can play a role in the reaction to commit suicide….. But so can POH in men…. And it brings pain to many people.

What’s more, just from what I’ve read I am reasonably certain that POH is also responsible for why Jerry Sandusky allegedly turned to young boys for sex….

Now, I share this bit of profiling with you in brief-broad strokes…. Jerry Sandusky was evidently not receiving enough sex from his wife (sex is one of the three main mammal instincts that make up TMW) and he did not receive enough honor after he retired from football.

 PLUS, during his career he stayed in the shadow of Joe Paterno as the heir apparent for decades watching Jopa receive honor that he could have gleaned for himself. And these two things combined (no sex, no honor to mention put him in the state of Double Dis) and it drove his mammalian instincts cuckoo crazy! And the way he reacted is most definitely a POH and it is to some degree predictable.  

Similarly, Junior Seau’s mammalian instincts also went cuckoo crazy when he realized the abundant source of genuine honor he received during his career had basically dried up. Only he saw it as, he didn’t matter anymore.

The real danger for men and the pain it can cause in relying on the POH coping mechanism in place of genuine honor is the facts that,

1) POH actually emerges out of human cognitive capacity (something that all other mammals do not possess and do not have to contend with)

2) Mammal instincts cannot distinguish between socially acceptable vs unacceptable cognitive behavior motivated by POH. It means that a man; who has sex with young boys, or commits suicide, or is too stubborn to ask for directions when he’s lost because he thinks it would make him look weak, are all the same thing to a man’s mammal instincts once the POH engages. And the POH engaging is not his call because it occurs automatically.

A man can only modulate how the POH manifests. But unless he knows that the POH exists (and/or accidently engages it in ways that our culture accepts or overlooks) he will likely have no clue that he has done anything wrong if his behavior is not socially acceptable. I maintain that the POH in men is at the root of why our culture faces many of the social woes we do…. And we need to pay much more attention to it’s powerful influence over men’s behavior. 

As it is, we have two different men professionally involved with football that faced a genuine honor crisis, with two very different outcomes that were both motivated at least in part by the misunderstanding of the POH coping mechanism.  

The lesson here is simple: You cannot reason away your mammal instincts. They must be contended with. Some of the answers of how to apply TMW as well as the POH mechanism without it costing a man dearly are in the book. Some are in the audio series now in production.

I am the discoverer of TMW. It took nearly three decades to uncover it, draft a theory, and construct a working model. Thus far I have helped very many people (heterosexual women and men) contend with their mammal instincts that subsequently served to help improve their quality of life, less pain, more pleasure… You have an opportunity now to help others as well as yourself…..  Knowing how TMW fully functions never fails to produce positive results….Not knowing how TMW fully functions can cause you grief galore in your personal life… Learn to abate or avoid the pain that POH in men can cause. 

I suggest you read the book, listen to the relevant audios, and/or contact me if you wish to talk. By the way, I feel terrible for the many people who are in pain & anguish over the circumstances that surround the lives of Junior Seau and Jerry Sandusky. My thoughts & prayers go out to you.   

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Gary James


Friday, March 26th, 2010

You're at

OK, Big Ben Rothliesberger is the youngest NFL quarterback to win a super bowl. In fact he's has two Super Bowl rings. But amongst 20 year old women, who do you think they are most apt to recognize, Ben Rothliesberger or this other guy?



And this is a perfect example of how "The Mammalian Way" instincts influence human behavior. Rothliesberger has learned a little bit about the swager of an Alpha male. and he is considered so because 1) He's a successful jock and 2) All the other men who surround Ben see him as an Alpha male. These facts and others like it are what lull men into a "Perversions of honor" mind set. Meanwhile, I doubt that any of the women in the Atlanta club the night Ben Rothliesberger was accused of sexual assult (for the second time) by a 20 year old woman knew who he was.

What men do not get yet is the rules that constitute "The Mammalian Way" is not up for debate. It is a law of nature the same as Gravity. The number one rule is…WOMEN PICK MEN FOR SEX…MEN DO NOT PICK WOMEN. And that also goes for who is an alpha male. That is, if she does not see you as an alpha male worthy of sex with her it does not matter who YOU think you are….YOU ain't crap!

On the other hand, if the other guy (Robert Pattinson star of the Twilight Saga) would have walked into the Atlanta club behind Rothliesberger that night I would bet mortgage money that in less than a minute the 20 year old women would have recognized him…In less than five minutes Pattinson would have been surrounded by women like bees to honey.

Ben Rothliesberger has been bitten in the balls twice now because he either does not know or chooses to ignore the powerful influence "The Mammalian Way" instincts have over the social behavior between men & women…especially where sex can become a factor. And just like gravity, if you violate a law of nature you will usually pay the price even if you don't know the law exists. Ben (and millions of men like him) face many issues with women and they desperately need to read my book. In short order it can teach men how to treat women with the dignity they deserve without the risk of women seeing you as a clueless, classless, ass…or a whuss!

And when that happens men do not have to worry about how to meet women. Treat them right and women WILL pick you. That's "The mammalian Way". It's the unwritten communication between men & women…But that's another blog

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