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Saturday, July 28th, 2012

There’s a big “to do” going on in the NFL about the possibility of head trauma injuries such as concussions playing a role in the number of men who commit suicide or engage in some other perverse behavior that causes “premature death” after they retire from playing professional football.

I have no doubt that at least in part this is true. However, the head trauma alone is not the only issue because when a professional athlete retires his powerful sense of honor drive also takes a hit and that can be another issue or it can be a contributory physiological issue associated with the physical trauma….

As it is, once a player retires from football his sense of honor drive can become negatively affected in that in order for him to continue to matter he is prone to the emergence of a coping mechanism akin to all heterosexual males…namely, men’s Perversions of Honor™ (POH).

Who does not know that men harbor deep emotional feelings that affect their behavior but they will not let it show because men think that anything related to emotions is a weakness…. But the larger reality is such a position is a cognitive thing and not of nature…. and it is a phobia that men have in order for them to think that emotion is synonymous with weakness.

Meanwhile, who does not know that when men finally show emotion they really let it show…. Just talk to the other men who knew Junior Seau… you’ll see plenty of emotion emerging from those men…. Too bad it’s too late….

My book and blog are in part about how men’s mammal instincts drive them to be the truest male mammal they can be…. but a man’s cognitive capacity (CC) (a/k/a his power of reason) tries to interfere with his own instincts intent…and he allows his CC to mitigate his mammal instincts to a fault…This fault is what I refer to as men’s Perversions of Honor™ (POH)… and this one grossly over looked coping mechanism is perhaps the single biggest reason why our culture is plagued with so many social woes including; men becoming sociopaths, pedophiles, bullying, and other forms of domestic abuse as well as men committing suicide when they do not “see” where they any longer matter….. There is a plethora of ways for POH to emerge in men…. Some are benign… some are not so benign..

I implore you to learn as much as you can about Perversions of Honor™ (POH) as it relates to nature’s gift to human kind called, The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) of things because learning how to properly utilize POH as the coping mechanism it is can only be addressed at the one on one level of life…. And that begins with making yourself aware. Do it before it's too late!

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Saturday, May 26th, 2012

… George told me he only paid attention to me because he “could see his second marriage going the same [bad] way as the first.”….

Most men have an aversion to talking about relationships.

However, since I also know that most men are hurting inside because they are in a constant state of “Double Dis” the fact I maintain that two people in a relationship can gain what they truly desire from the same relationship actually appeals to a man’s mind as well as his instincts but they also don’t believe that such a situation is possible.

As a result there are many men who tell me they have “given up trying” to figure her out or to be what she wants me to be. When they say such things to me I usually start to laugh and say “well then you might as well take a machete and just cut off your cock & balls…. Cuz you no longer need them.” That comment usually either ends the conversation abruptly or it opens a conversation between us about his relationship with his girlfriend or wife. Meanwhile,

I want to share with you about a guy who recently said to me that he had “given up trying.” I will call him George to protect his anonymity.

After George’s comment to me I gave him my usual remark and a conversation began. George eventually asked me, “Well what should I do then to get her to tell me what she wants?” My answer was, “George, it doesn’t work that way. Men are not supposed to figure out women. We are male mammals first and that fact can never escape you when you meet, date, mate with, marry, or otherwise interact with a woman.”

Since he had not yet read my book I knew he would not understand my answer so George said, “Well what the “F##K” does that mean?” I said, “Have you ever had a dog?” Then he laughed and said, “Yea, his name was JD.”

I asked, “Did you hug JD and love JD and open up to JD and were there times when you knew you could tell what he was probably thinking or feeling… and maybe times where you knew that he knew what you were thinking or feeling too”? George said, “Oh yea!” Then I asked, “Is JD still alive?” George said, “No.” I asked, “How did that make you feel?”

With a plain pale look on his face George quietly said, “I cried and I never cry.”

I said, “YEP!” “It’s because you had a cross species mammalian connection with JD and that connection caused the two of you to bond and that’s what made you & JD love each other unconditionally. And that’s why you cried when he died.”

George said, “so I should love my wife like my dog?” I said, “Not exactly. With a dog or other animal there is no Cognitive Capacity (CC) because unlike humans, animals have no power of reason to contend with. But with another human, especially a woman you are involved with there is your CC as well as her CC that figures into the mix.”

I went on to explain how easy it is for humans to use their CC to interfere with the intentions of the set of survival instincts I call The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) and how badly we can mess up a relationship with the opposite gender when we do.

I further explained that it was his inherent responsibility to use his CC in league with his mammal instincts in order to look after the well being of his wife, and then I added, “And that includes looking after her emotional well being by using your mammal instincts to open up to her mammal instincts just like you did with JD.”

At first I could tell that George did not like hearing the fact that he was responsible for his wife’s emotional well being so he started to ask me another question but then stopped in the middle of a sentence and asked, “How do I get a copy of your book?”

I told him and then I said, “George you are a rarity because most guys will not allow new information into their brain no matter how useful it might be!”

This prompted George to admit the real reason why he wanted the book and why he was willing to speak with me. It turns out he was married for 7 years and then his first wife divorced him. This was his second marriage of two years and his second wife was already on the brink of leaving. He only paid attention to me because he “could see his second marriage going the same [bad] way as the first.”

He bought the book and I also gave him a couple other suggestions. Then about two weeks later he called me and said, “Gary, you’re a genius.”

He went on, “What you shared with me not only makes sense, it worked!”  

Sure it does and that’s because TMW is nature’s way to build and keep a relationship healthy, loving, and growing at the mammalian level of life. Moreover, George’s cognitive capacity (CC) is now in line with his mammal instincts as well as her mammal instincts. They were able to rejuvenate the mammalian connection that was formed at the beginning of their relationship, and when that happens, most relationship issues tend to fade away or dramatically diminish.

The discovery I made and the working model I constructed has never failed to produce positive results so long as you follow nature’s processes and you don’t allow your CC to interfere with following those processes.

It’s all about caring for each other’s needs at the most basic level and since the mammalian connection is the place where love grows, and bonding deepens, it’s also the reason why both people in a relationship can gain what they truly desire from the same relationship. And it gets easier & easier to do over time.

The book is an introduction and the audio series is a continuation of how to use TMW processes to benefit your life. Click here for products & services.