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The Mammalian Way™ UPDATE: achieve EMPOWERMENT & personal FULFILLMENT simultaneously

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

…Men long ago learned to trust their instincts while women were taught to discount or down play trust in theirs…

TMW FEMALE ICON ONEWhen I started this blog I promised myself that I would not write a post just to keep the search engine crawlers coming back to my site. So what do I do to attract readers? That's actually reasonably easy because I know that nearly all human social issues stem from a lack of understanding about our human mammal survival instincts and my first book is about the mammalian way of things in human behavior. Meanwhile,

The people who find this blog site are usually very busy but they also usually have great need in terms of their emotional-psychological well being. As it is for now and because my work provides tangible answers to life’s social woes, answers that many people find they are unable to glean from typical sources available to them (psychiatrists, psychologists, Guru’s, other health care professionals, friends, support groups, etc) this has meant that referrals thus far has been a very helpful method to pass the word about my work and this blog… I thank you for that.

In keeping with my original intent, this post is the first one in months because I am in the midst of three things. From my continued efforts I am; now writing two new books and an audio series that further share with you tangible ways to apply the discovery I made called The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) into everyday life.

{By the way, the feedback I have received has been overwhelmingly positive. It can be summed up in the comment; “Gary, TMW is Soooooo Cool. It works every time but it does take some consistent effort to get it to connect at first.”} Of course it works and takes a little time to connect… especially when most of you have been taught (learned response & behavior) to ignore, deny, discount, or down play your instincts (unlearned response & behavior).

Sigmund FreudTMW is not an invention or a mere philosophy of human kind. It’s an instinctive force of nature just like hunger or thirst. It’s been actively influencing the social-survival instincts of the various species of animal/mammals since before humans existed. Until my work surfaced literally none of the social scientists from at least the time of Sigmund Freud onward had even tried to isolate or identify it (There are several reasons why this occurred that are discussed in the new books).

Meanwhile, what you need to do in order to benefit from applying TMW in terms of improved self confidence, empowerment, as well as Personal Fulfillment, is simply learn to trust your social- survival instincts and I can show you how… Learning to trust your judgment influenced by the instinctive qualities of TMW, which is one of nature’s gifts to species survival is especially true for women. (Men long ago learned to trust their instincts while women were taught to discount or down play trust in theirs)

women in shadow group Plus, I have been helping an ever growing number of people (mostly women) to rectify their lives back to the norm for them. This includes; personal as well as professional relationships for example. As for women, awareness of and how to apply TMW helps your emotional-psychological posture such that you can better enjoy with confidence two things simultaneously that quite often can only seem to be achieved as a trade off; Namely, Empowerment AND a sense of Personal Fulfillment in their lives.

Incidentally, all of what I have been doing to write and to help takes time so the blog has been on the back burner so to speak.

As you peruse this blog site you will notice I am preparing a button to accept donations. I am adding the donation button at the suggestion of the readers who follow my blog.


Also, for those of you who tried to purchase my first book and/or the first installment of the audio series, you will notice that it is nearly impossible to do so. This is because I am not versed in the product fulfillment end of the information industry. So until I get the newest members of the Paveginnias™ staff to help complete the process of ordering direct on line, if you wish to order please email me directly.

At this point the only two items available are the introductory book titled, The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) and the first installment of the audio series called, Honor vs ego(tism) in Men™ (HVE). They can be purchased individually or as a package…my direct email is, Best,

Gary James, author