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Friday, January 25th, 2013

In the last two months I have counseled a number of women and a few men. Now even though I always protect my client’s anonymity there are three women I have counseled with nearly the exact same relationship issues profile and I am going to share just part of it with you.

Ironically, they are from three different areas of the world and religious faiths; one woman is from a sect of Christianity, one is from a sect of Judaism, and one is from a sect of Islam. Why is this important? It’s because The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) does not discriminate.

It’s a force of nature that is at the root of most of the world’s social issues, including personal relationship issues, because of sheer ignorance of it’s existence and how it actually functions on your insides….

Meanwhile, all three women I mentioned are in committed relationships with men that they thought they knew. Based on that belief each of these women felt safe enough with their man that they each began to become more & more emotionally naked in front of him…. because they saw him as a “Rock to rest their personal insecurities upon” (See PSOI in my book).

[FYI, Emotional nakedness is a stage in a relationship that many women never reach and most men never see because most women never reach a point where they feel emotionally safe enough with him to get emotionally naked in front of him,,,, Emotional nakedness is also a test to “see” how the relationship is doing.]

But as each of the three women continued to reveal to their man their emotionally naked self they all three reported that they abruptly or suddenly stopped the process of sharing their inner most self with “that man” because, “he just could not handle it”. One of the three even told me, “He went from being a rock to a pebble.” 

What’s interesting about this is, these women are not alone. An ever increasing multitude of women are in the same situation and it’s an earth wide issue. Why?

It’s because men’s ineptness to handle the everyday emotional upheaval that occurs in a woman’s life is caused by Perversion’s of Honor™ in Men (POH).

Meanwhile, all three women read my first book titled, The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) and all three listened to the audio segment titled, Honor Vs Ego(tism) in Men (HVE).

To be honest, initially, most women become at least a little upset by what they learn from the book & audio because they do not want to accept that the instincts we humans are given at birth, some of which we have in common with all the other animals on the earth could play such an important role in a human to human relationship as to be a determining factor in whether or not a relationship fails or flourishes.

One woman of the three remarked, "It seemed to be too cold at first." And it’s because a woman’s need for security often induces a powerful cognitive notion that they need to be seen as “special”, and that's true. So as part of my council I always explain to all women that indeed the instincts CAN seem cold and calculated, so to speak, at least at first, because they are about one basic thing, namely, Survival Of The SpeciesI And at that level of life it can be raw.

So it is normal for a woman to initially assume and feel as though she is being categorized as just another female, based on instincts, and I explain that it should bother them some. No big deal, because once a woman adapts her cognitive capacity (CC) to modulate the inner drives from the instincts as opposed to mitigate them it’s what engages nature’s own ability to rectify the “something missing” feeling that most women harbor and attest to along with many other things such as getting HIM to open up. AND, it also serves to help a woman get her CC in balance with her TMW instincts!

To get your CC in balance with TMW instincts is the key to everything emotional or psychological in a woman’s life. And this is the true power of TMW. The book(s) and the audio series are the keys to understanding and gleaning that balance. And when you do get in balance everything about your personal life gets brighter to be sure.

As for the three women and the issue of getting a man to open up, they all three essentially said, “it’s been easier to get him to “see” his responsibility for my [meaning her] emotional needs.” To which I say, YEP, it is actually easy to engage his emotions (feelings) once you understand TMW.

You end up with a much more powerful sense of self that emerges as happiness, more emotional balance, and much more confidence in yourself as well as in your personal relationship(s) with the opposite gender. I have never seen it fail. And that’s because TMW is from nature… it’s not my invention or philosophy.

By the way, all three of the women I write about in this post are empowered women who have personal relationship issues with the opposite gender. The issue of a woman who is empowered in every other area of her life EXCEPT in her "love-life" seems to go “Hand in Glove” for empowered women of the planet earth regardless of what culture or faith you hail from. So,

Read the book. Listen to the audios. Improve the quality of your love-life and more. Contact me directly if you need to.

Best Wishes,

Gary James