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David Petraeus – Paula Broadwell, Holly & Scott, bit in the crouch by The Mammalian Way

Monday, November 12th, 2012

“The greatest source of support, wise counsel, and love that any soldier could have.” This quote from David Petraeus about his wife Holly, and who resigned his position as director of the CIA over an extra marital affair with biographer Paula Broadwell is a perfect example of women (in particularly wives) who get bit in the crouch and the heart by a lack of understanding of HOW a force of nature called The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) functions within each gender. And that lack of understanding goes for David, Paula, and Scott as well.

What’s more David Petraeus probably meant every word of that quote. BUT, in saying those words he was responding through his Cognitive Capacity (CC) that emanates from his brain’s power of reason and not his actual honor instinct. The chief reason men cheat on their wives is because all heterosexual human males are prone to a psychological defense mechanism that manifests out of their own powerful sense of honor called Perversions of Honor™ in Men (POH).

Paula on the other hand started out her affiliation with David as a Professional endeavor where a woman’s need for security in a personal relationship has far less of an impact on her social behavior.

BUT, women respond to what they perceive is a man’s power and if a woman is too close to a man of power for too long of a time her CC can allow her personal relationship psychological defense mechanism called the Pendulum Swing of Insecurity™ in Women (PSOI) to engage and this can easily cause her to feel the satisfying effects of a man being honored by her personal behavior toward him such that he takes the lead in personal matters related to her life.


This can also easily cause her need for security instincts to reach out and connect with his. The end result is almost always an affair that includes lots of sex……

The Petreaus/Broadwell affair is the epitome of a man’s POH reaching out for a woman’s PSOI to the point they will succumb to their instinctive needs to Find The One and engage the process to procreate (one of our most powerful animal survival instincts) even though they are already married.

Whereby, the actual survival of the species social instincts inside of Petraeus and Broadwell that do not “know” what marriage is because it’s cognitive, have likely already denied their respective spouses as THE ONE.




Meanwhile, cognitively speaking Petreaus & broadwell may still claim that Holly and Scott are still THE ONE. However, when the TMW instincts deny your chosen one because of lack of behavior by either them or you that is not in league with how THEY function they WILL always reject your cognitive decisions…. Period.

When that happens coupled with the close proximity of their ongoing interaction the POH and the PSOI defense mechanisms that are creations of the brain’s cognitive capacity will fail to stave off the pressure placed upon a human by their own instincts. 

 If you read my book and listen to the segment of my audio series titled Honor vs Ego(tism) in men you will clearly see what to do and how to avoid or abate something like this from happening to you, because I assure that;

  1. Men are prone to POH and women are prone to PSOI in their personal relationships.
  2. Men are getting increasingly worse in their overall treatment of women and it cannot be fixed at the macro level of life. It can only be fixed on a 1 on 1 basis and then only if you know how TMW force of nature functions and how to apply it in your everyday life

The affair between Petraeus & Broadwell was avoidable. But it has nothing to do with what they think, say, vow, or believe. They lost the battle at the animal/mammal level of life.  And the reason for this is plain & simple ignorance of The Mammalian Way’s existence and/or how it functions.