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Thursday, October 25th, 2012

The thing about The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) force of nature working for a relationship instead of against it… is embodied in the fact that TMW instincts know exactly what they are doing AND, their ability to influence human behavior is what makes living the fairytale practical… that is so long as your ability to think, feel & reason a/k/a cognitivity is in line with TMW's intent. Why?

Because when it comes to relationships TMW set of instincts is a force of nature that is all about survival of the species.  

To that end they drive human nature to procreate with THE ONE and within the parameters of a committed monogamous relationship. This is their intention….and this is what provides the environment necessary within a relationship to live the fairytale.

Meanwhile, this begs the question, "then WHY OH WHY do we have so many failed relationships"? Answer; we misuse our brain’s cognitive capacity (CC) (a/k/a cognitivity) to try to ignore or otherwise mitigate TMW’s intent.

If you were to ask yet another of the women who found & read my book and listened to the audio series the fact that human CC gets in the way of relationship fulfillment becomes that much more evident….

She describes the difference between the feeling of “security, love, & happiness” she now has in her relationship compared to relationship life BEFORE she was reacquainted with her own TMW instincts as the difference between holding on to a potato (now) vs holding on to a potato chip (before)!

As I listened to her lament about how well her man responded to her prompting honorable behavior from him I could personally sense an ocean of relief that emanated from her tone flowing through the phone….

She (let’s call her SF, as in “set free”) is yet another woman who has been set free from the mire of uncertainty about the intentions and feelings of the man she chose for a committed relationship. He on the other hand was able to make SF wet between the legs but had an extremely difficult time expressing his feelings. His ability to express his emotions has since reemerged in HIM because she has reacquainted herself with her own set of TMW instincts…. (The ability of his/her instincts to reconnect along with the precise process that the instincts use to engage a strong mammal connection in humans is all in the book and audio series).

I will not belabor what I have indicated in earlier blog posts…. TMW is the corner stone of ALL human PERSONAL relationships. With a solid mammal connection in place and nurtured, a personal relationship tends to flourish…. Without it, a personal relationship tends to wither…. And LOVE, between those two people either grows or withers in direct correlation to the nature of their mammalian connection. And this never ever changes….

When a strong mammalian connection is present, whatever relationship issues that seem to exist between she & he tend to fade and love tends to grow….. This is the true legacy of my discovery…. It’s an identifiable force of nature… a gift to all humans that as soon as you learn how to re-connect to it (and not try to mitigate it’s intentions) life in your personal relationship(s) tends to get much, much better. In fact, it’s the key to the fairytale becoming a reality…. If you have relationship issues and/or you want to live the fairytale then, Click here to order the book, audio, or to arrange to speak with me directly…

Best Wishes Always……….Gary James