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Thursday, June 7th, 2012

If you have a friend or family member who is about to be married, getting engaged, or planning a wedding then you can give them the book titled, The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) and/or audio series as a gift.

Unique and valuable in that it shares nature’s secrets of how a woman and a man can both gain what they truly desire from the same relationship….

TMW is necessary information if a woman is ever to be “seen” as equal in a world where; men (including husbands) are getting worse in their treatment of women, women often compromise their standards to be or remain in a committed relationship, marriage has a mere 50/50 chance for success, and where relationship issues abound….AND it also provides you with knowledge of what to do to avoid or abate such overwhelming situations from happening to you.

AND LOVE?…Love is great…. Love conquers all…. and the heart is the place where love is received and conveyed but without a solid mammalian connection that gives love a place to grow most relationships will fail miserably…

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Gary James


Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

[Unless you read my book you might not understand this article. Go to to obtain a copy]

It is obvious at a glance that John Edwards likes women who are “emotionally needy” or right on the border of it in their personal relationships with men…. this can cause a woman to quickly fall in love and usually with a man who is very wrong for her life. The lives of Elizabeth Edwards and Rielle Hunter exude such a state…

However, it can actually be an excellent mammalian fit… He gets honored by her and then some…. while she gets a sense of security by being with a man of action… (BTW, he does not need to be a celebrity, a politician, or the likes. He just needs to convey a sense of power….. according to “her” perceptions of it…)



Beyond their emotional neediness…the other thing is, Elizabeth was and Rielle is a Purely Mammalian Woman… Insensitive A-Hole men are well advised to avoid such women IF you do not know what the “F” you’re doing with them because gentlemen, a Purely Mammalian Woman can bring you down fast and make it YOUR idea… even if you didn't cheat…

John Edwards evidently does not know anything about The Mammalian Way™ (TMW). And that’s too bad because he strikes me as an intelligent man who just never bothered to truly pay attention to women enough in order to learn how women instinctively behave when Girl Meets Guy

If he had such knowledge he would not be in the emotional state of Double Dis (no sex and no honor to mention) that he is in right now. 


The situation between Rielle & John is a classic example of what can happen in the early stages of any heterosexual Girl Meets Guy encounter.

She picked him and told him as much… She saw him as he walked around the corner of a building and was immediately attracted to him to the point that she said to him…. “You’re Hot!”

He was honored by her to the point that he not only had sex with her but he took her inside his covenant and risked everything to be with her…. [This is what tells me that John was NOT getting any unmitigated sex or honor (attention) from Elizabeth. If he had, Rielle might not have got him into bed let alone into his life….]

Meanwhile, under the circumstances that existed then, she opened up to him "like no other" and basically gave him her treasures

This honored him even more and so he made even deeper commitments.

Now we have a classic example of the A-B Roll meshing of a man’s honor with a woman’s need for safety… This is what caused the mammalian connection between them. A mammal connection can become strong enough to even supersede love because it IS the place where love attaches itself deep down inside of a human being in order for love to grow….

NOW, if they are/were able to nurture the mammalian connection between them they might be able to stay together indefinitely but as it is now even with Quinn I doubt they will stay together because they both will likely use their Cognitive Capacity to interfere with TMW instincts and this will cause the instincts to reject the other as NOT THE ONE! Eventually their love will fade and the mammal connection will wither for lack of nurturing and they will split up…. As far as Quinn…. Who knows?

Best to you, Gary James author of The Mammalian Way



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Sunday, June 10th, 2012


In an imperfectly safe world that most humans are raised in these days men find themselves prone to Perversions of Honor™ (POH). It is a coping mechanism that manifests in a plethora of ways out of a man’s deep instinctive emotional need for honor…. One of the ways POH manifests is through another mechanism that instead of being instinctive is a manufactured substitute for honor that emanates out of a man’s brain called men’s Fragile Male Ego(tism) or FME for short.

As for a woman who is involved in a personal relationship with a man, she is well advised to avoid his FME behavior (with the exception of sex) as much as she can as well as embrace his behavior derived from his genuine sense of honor… However in such activities as business his FME can be quite useful. So in one respect a man’s FME is a double edged sword. [This is also why a woman needs to know all she can about how The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) functions…because it helps answer all the relationship issues & questions you ladies ask yourself, because you will understand what his behavior means and what to do about it.]

Meanwhile, given the fact that people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Simon Konecki are involved in business activities that require an armor clad ego as a pre requisite in order to survive in the businesses they are in, it is easy for Simon, Adele’s new guy to be seen as a mini Arnold…

However, since most men do not have a clue that their egotism and their honor are actually two very different motivators and not the same thing they almost always unconsciously take their FME motivated behavior into their personal relationships. And that is my take on Simon.

Mark my words, his interest in Adele is mostly business because he is a power monger just like Arnold and he will likely treat Adele in a very similar manner to how Arnold treats his wife, Maria Shriver. I might be wrong but I doubt it.

Ladies, look into the eyes of the men in each photo. Look deeeeep in… and you’ll see the power monger trait in BOTH Arnold & Simon. It boils down to the ability to lie to their selves intently enough that they are quite able to believe their own bullshit….



Now in businesses such as show business or the music business FME is a necessary trait for a man to have in order to deal with the slime ridden people that those businesses attract.…. But, when carried into a personal relationship FME is almost always death to a long term relationship.  [The difference between FME & genuine Honor, and what to do about it is the topic of my soon to be released MP3 audio titled Honor vs Ego(tism)]

Anyway, I’m certain that Adele & Simon will not last long and the break up will be another painful experience for her even if she feels a sense of relief when their romantic relationship finally ends…. And that’s sad because it does not need to happen…


Gary James



Monday, June 4th, 2012

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Best to you always,


Gary James