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Monday, September 28th, 2009

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Hey eveybody, it’s Gary James!
I hope you’re doing well.
I want to acquaint you to a man that I’m very impressed with. This man’s name is Al Cole. Al is a huge new talent who has burst upon the scene and is a born Romantic! Al’s new Book ROMANCE FOR WOMEN…And For ALL MANKIND is not only great reading, but is one of the few Books out there by a man that truly stands for TREATING WOMEN WITH THE DIGNITY THAT THEY DESERVE! Al has been a full-time Broadcaster for the last 15 years, most of which time has been spent with CBS Radio. Al is a walking example of ingenuity and professionalism! And now his new Book ROMANCE FOR WOMEN…And For ALL MANKIND is available in E-BOOK form!

***Al’s thrilling E-BOOK has already helped many to understand and to love themselves more, and to love the ones closest to them with greater depth. It has opened up a whole new world of beautiful sensuality & sexuality to all those who have entered into it’s creative charm! And it comes highly recommended by me! (You see Al’s book also happens to validate the main tenets of my new theory in the social sciences.) If you order it & read it, you won’t be disappointed.

***Al’s insightful & healing E-BOOK is made fully affordable through safe & secure PayPal — it’s only $9.99! And it’s now conveniently downloadable by CLICKING on this Link

***After reading Al’s E-BOOK, listen to his weekly Syndicated Talk Show IT’S ALL ABOUT ROMANCE–With Al Cole. His Talk Show can be heard on many Radio Stations the greatest of which is Radio giant! Be prepared to become a full-fledged Believer in Love, Romance, and Human Dignity!

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Monday, September 21st, 2009

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What does the late Yale student Annie Le, Raymond Clark, and “The Mammalian Way” have in common? Tons of instinctive behavior that’s what.

A recent comment made by one of my readers about my book titled, “The Mammalian Way (TMW)”™ was, “It’s a ground zero for everything in relationships”. And as word spreads about the merits of applying this knowledge into the everyday lives of an earth wide population I see now that is a great way to sum up “TMW”.

Unfortunately, no one told Yale student Annie Le or her alleged murderer Raymond Clark. Had either of them known even the least of the tenets of “TMW” that tend to control human instinctive behavior as they interact with each other throughout life it is more than possible that Annie Le would still be alive and Raymond Clark would not be headed to trial for murder.

How do I know this? Let’s take Raymond Clark as an example. In my book I maintain that all heterosexual males have a very powerful instinctive need to be honored. This need is not something that can be controlled only dealt with through some sort of satiation of the need. This only becomes an issue because we live in a world that is imperfectly safe to a great degree and this also makes it near impossible for men to receive adequate honor to satiate the drive.

If a man happens to be in an environment not conducive to honor satiation he will automatically and instinctively deploy a psychological defense mechanism I call *“Perversions of Honor”. That is to say, a man will do things that might otherwise be deemed dishonorable in order to receive a form of false honor that will somewhat satiate his otherwise insatiable need to receive honor. And, if he does not get even a “perversion of honor” over a long enough time he can easily become a walking time bomb of pent up frustration.

So what is it that can set off this bomb? Why an untimely “dis” to his honor. And if that untimely dis comes from a woman it is tantamount to a *”Double Dis” and if there is even the slightest animosity between he and she at the time, this can easily send a man into a brief torrent frenzy of extreme aggressive behavior.

*[For a complete understanding of “Perversions of Honor” and “Double Dis” see the book titled, “The Mammalian Way”™]

Had Annie Le knew of these facts or if Raymond had been taught the type of circumstances that could occur that might make him susceptible to such aggressive then she/he could have instituted the simple measures outlined in the book to avoid & diffuse such situations in the first place.

There are many advantages to knowing “The Mammalian Way”. I recommend that everyone who routinely interacts with other people read my book and use the information there as a point of reference to optimize the benefits of every relationship you encounter no matter how insignificant that it may seem.

Meanwhile, I maintain that unless something changes in the way that men are currently being socialized and/or rehabilitated in our culture we can all expect a dramatic increase in outbursts of extreme aggressive behavior in relationships from men. CAVEAT!

I do not encourage comments here. However, you may email me privately at, I am the only one who reads that mail.

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