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Monday, March 16th, 2009

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There is a way for Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers to legally help their clients save their homes, businesses, and credit worthiness.

We now live in an era of time that can be arguably called, “Hard Times Nouveau”. As with most situations that occur in the stream of life where the society of the times collectively agrees that “Times Have Changed” we have some new notions about how to look at business and personal finance that are developing and may forever alter the way Capitalist’s use credit and generally do business.

Currently, one major part of this process is to find ways to help the millions of people who find themselves financially “upside down” (meaning they owe much more money for something(s) than those things are worth) to get back into “the mix” so to speak.

Within the Real Estate industry the term Loan Modification is used most often to refer to the need someone has to lower their monthly mortgage payment and so they look to the lender for help in re-writing the terms of their mortgage contract. The chief motivation for this is because they find that the house they call home to be worth less money than they paid for it and thus the house is “upside down”.

Given the current economic climate, Loan Modification tends to be a more suitable solution to restore financial stability than choices such as bankruptcy or a refinance because loan modification is typically the least costly way to adjust the payment as well as other aspects of the terms including interest rate and length of the contract.


One big question that arises with this process is, who does a homeowner use to handle negotiation of the new terms of the contract with the lender? The short answer here is the homeowner needs to negotiate the new terms their self or they need to use an attorney.

This is truly the main legal ways to handle the negotiation of a loan modification. However, quite often someone who is looking for a mortgage loan (modified or not) will seek the help of a mortgage broker or loan officer.

Meanwhile, there is some genuine happy news for those mortgage brokers and loan officers who wish to help their clients complete a Loan Modification and keep it legal. You can join our group, help your clients achieve a loan modification, save your client money, have them speak directly with an attorney, and earn a commission for yourself. For more information click the link.

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Be Well….Expect Success……Gary James

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Friday, March 13th, 2009

One of the side benefits of being a Social Theorist is I am able to see “Market Trends in People” usually much faster than can most professional marketers. This insight has helped me to make a living since my childhood.

I currently share my insight about any number of topics that seem to matter to people via an internet radio show located at, I have discovered that LOAN MODIFICATION is one topic that people are very interested in learning more about.

Meanwhile, who can argue that our economy is in an extraordinarily bad state of affairs and everything that can be done to help people to get “back on track” needs to be done.

To that end, I have found a venue I would like to share that can help people to inexpensively save their financial selves, and for those who are broke or smitten with the entrepreneurial spirit, and willing to work, the same venue I found can indeed put plenty of honest dollars in their pocket.

For $36.00 down a person can speak directly with a reputable attorney about using the Loan Modification process as a means to help rectify their finances and for $400 to $600 more they can complete the process. Click this link to learn more. 

Or, you can email me with questions that I will see get answered at,

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