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Saturday, November 1st, 2008

From information referenced on, “You Tube” to sensual poems, Dr Keith Mumby, MD as the Naked Doctor has produced a 2 CD audio set that will “prick” your sexual imagination.

Titled, 21 Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life it is as much about the affection necessary between two people that enables lovers to have a true basis for unbridled sex as it is positions and places to engage in sex. So let it be no surprise that the impetus put on this tutorial is aimed squarely at people involved in meaningful relationships, having “One Fixed partner”.

There are many points of sexual & sensual interest shared by the Naked Doctor, and he does so in a light, fun, and funny, non stuffy-non scientific manner.

Besides procedures for the clitoris rub and the good old fashioned “hand job”, the instructions include oral sex for men and women as well as the preparations necessary for an “all night sex” session.

Even though I have been “doing it” for many years with few complaints from my lover, I must say I picked up useful information from the Naked Doctor.

A growing number of people are aware of my discussions on the differences between “B” grade sex versus “A” grade sex. 21 Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life is the best production I’ve encountered that can take a couple into the realm of “A” grade sex. Meanwhile, I enjoyed the program and I recommend it…..Bye for now….

Dr Mumby & wife Vivien

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